Things are changing at Bowlsome and we couldn’t be more excited. Bowlsome in Henley Beach, since it’s opened, has been getting an intense amount of buzz. A trendy and exciting health food restaurant that promotes gut health over all else. And now with the brand new Bowlsome CBD on Franklin Street it’s even easier to treat your body to delicious, interesting and healthy foods.

Gut health is incredibly important and at the centre of everything Bowlsome does. CEO Danielle Elia explains, “The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is true but at BOWLSOME, we believe you are what your body can absorb! You can eat a very nutritious diet but if your gut health is weak, your body can’t properly absorb the nutrients.” So, with that in mind, Bowlsomes menu is designed to best cater for a healthy gut. With probiotics like Kombucha and Kefir on tap along with the most organic selection of foods for you to craft a bowl that you will absolutely love.

This is the mantra that has made Bowlsome a success at Henley Beach but at their new store in the city things are being turned up to 11. Unlike the Henley Beach store, Bowlsome CBD will be opening at 8am and offering breakfast and special blend coffee to assist city goers starting their day off right. Also, being introduced in both stores is the new “Sweet bowl” or kefir bio bowl. A new way to experience a dessert which isn’t just a treat for you but a treat for your stomach. The kefir bio bowl allows you to compose your own healthy dessert from toppings such as a sugar free berry compote, miso orange caramel coulis, goji berries, sunflower and cacao crunch, fresh seasonal fruits and more. Then add a bark garnish to top it off, either coconut raspberry or cocoa rocky road.

Promoting good gut health is the new hot thing and there’s no better place to dip your toes in and start enjoying healthy and tasty food then Bowlsome. Check it out now at 12 Franklin Street Adelaide or 2/269 Seaview Rd Henley Beach.

Words and Images by Jonathon Tonkin


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