Burgertec – Paradise

Burgertec has recently opened up a new store in Paradise.

The new store has only been open for two and a half weeks but is already a popular food destination, bustling with customers.

With their hearty and wholesome burgers, Burgertec are set to take over the eastern suburbs, providing meals that everyone can enjoy.

The staff at Burgertec live for burgers and take pride in having the freshest ingredients to ensure every burger is packed full of flavour.

Even the fussiest burger eaters will love what Burgertec has to offer.

The All Star, is made with a ground Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, crispy bacon, egg, beetroot, caramelised onion and herbed mayonnaise. The big and juicy burger has everything you ever need in a burger, fresh ingredients and a wonderfully cooked, juicy beef patty topped with melted cheese. The Aussie style burger was packed full of flavour; the smoky flavour of the Angus beef balanced perfectly with the runny egg and crisp lettuce. The burger was freshened with the tang of the beetroot and paired well with the creamy mayonnaise and sweet caramelised onion jam.

The Texan is made with a double beef patty, double cheese, crispy bacon, jalapenos, caramelised onion and smokey BBQ sauce. This burger was full of meaty goodness and is perfect for any meat lover. No salad the burger makes up for it with the abundance of flavours. Prominent smoky flavours came from the meat, bacon and the BBQ sauce, while the cheese added a creamy texture that also helped balance the kick of heat from the jalapeños. The caramelised onion jam added a slight sweetness to the smoky burger and with the double patty; we were treated with a delicious and filling meal.

The Casanova burger is made with Southern fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, crispy bacon, chipotle mayonnaise and smoky BBQ sauce. The perfectly cooked crunchy chicken was the perfect pairing with the crispy bacon. The Casanova has a delicious balance of flavours with the tangy and slightly sweet BBQ sauce and a slight hit of spice with the spices coating the chicken and the chipotle mayonnaise. The cool lettuce and tomato added freshness and crunch to the dish. The chicken was cooked well and was beautifully tender. Full of flavour this burger is a wonderful choice and was definitely a favourite of the day.

The Erry’thang is the perfect burger when you can’t decide between the chicken or the beef. So why not have both? This huge burger is made with Southern fried chicken, ground beef, double bacon, lettuce, tomato, double cheese, egg, smoky BBQ sauce and herbed mayonnaise. This burger was soo huge I couldn’t even fit it fully into my mouth. Packed with ingredients and flavour, this burger had the perfect balance of sweet and savoury and a lovely mix of pork, chicken and beef. The sweet and tangy BBQ sauce and the smoky meat patty paired perfectly with the gooey egg. The crisp salad freshened the burger and complimented the deeper flavours of the multitude of meat. You definitely need a big appetite to eat this burger as you will definitely be full after eating this.

Grilled chicken is also available upon request for any southern fried chicken burgers; however, I would definitely recommend the crunch of the fried chicken any day.

We also had plenty of sides to go along with our meals: Chicken wings, traditional and boneless, Haloumi Chips, fresh Slaw, and both Potato and Sweet Potato fries. Each of them were wonderfully delicious, and again there was nothing we could fault. The Haloumi fries were wonderfully cooked and creamy, and were light, regardless of their fried batter. The Chicken pieces were cooked perfectly and were very tender. Having a slight spice on the coating, the wings and drumsticks are the perfect addition to any meal. The Slaw was wonderfully crunchy and creamy and was a lovely light and refreshing side to the filing burgers. The fries were perfectly seasoned, with a salty coating on both the potato and sweet potato fries.

Along with their wide selection of menu items, Burgertec also offers a kids menu and vegetarian choices, along with all-new vegan burgers too.

Burgertec’s next endeavour is to open another store in South Adelaide in the future and we can’t wait.

With plenty of options available and a relaxed friendly vibe, there is no excuse not to stop into their new shop today. They will surely satisfy your hunger cravings.

Open Wednesday through till Sunday from 12 till late.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 723 Lower North East Rd, Paradise


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