Levant Eatery – Pirie St

Students and CBD nomads have been thronging to visit the Hindley street Levant Eatery to enjoy the generous portions of their Middle Eastern inspired dishes. Excitingly, people in the CBD can now experience the sensation with a centralised location now open on Pirie Street.

Their new cafe (Levant Eatery 2) embraces the street food nature of their fare wholeheartedly, with the cafe extending back from the front counter in the manner of a Moroccan market. Vibrant tiles and rich textures excite the eye, and caramelising scents rising from their grill make your stomach enthusiastically growl in expectancy.

The restaurant offers wholesome fast meals for those growing tired of the usual quick grabs from Asian or Mexican inspired eateries. The Middle Eastern diet highlights healthy ingredients such as lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, herbs and spices. Levant utilises simple cooking methods to combine these elements into sophisticated spice-based options in their mix and match menu. Signature pita pockets, in both white and wholemeal options, are served brimming with a flavourful fillings, and beds of crisp lettuce and quinoa are strewn with cheeses, falafel and vibrant sauces. Though the serving sizes are impressively filling, it is very hard to say no to side dishes such as haloumi chips, crispy shoestring fries and piping hot potato gems.

If you’re craving your Levant fix early in the day, both stores also now offer a range of grilled toasties filled with cheeses, Turkish sausage and verdant pestos. The café offers all of their meals for dine in or takeaway, and there are plenty of vegetarian options if you are in need of some dietary choices.

With a wide range of inherently fresh, affordable and hearty meals, Levant’s accessible menu will make you look forward to your next lunch break with eager anticipation.

Words by Danielle Clarke

WHERE: 70 Pirie St, Adelaide


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