Coopers Brewery – 2018 Vintage Ale Launch

Coopers Brewery launched their 2018 Seasonal Vintage Ale at the Crown and Sceptre Hotel with a successful turnout for beer lovers and enthusiasts.

The new vintage ale is the 18th in the series made from Westminster Barley from Kangaroo Island and Aramis Hops from France. The brew is blended with a dark crystal malt to make it light and sweet. The vintage ale underwent a unique triple fermentation process where the hop oils were preserved to produce flavours of dried fruit, red apple, vanilla and mild spice.

Because the beer is aged it makes the strength at an alcohol level of 7.5 percent ABV (alcohol by volume) and a bitterness of 55 IBU (international bitterness units).

The event was more than just beer. Over 130 guests were treated to tables of antipasto platters and desserts. Canapés were also handed out. All the food was delicious and complemented the taste of the vintage ale. To top it off, Brian Ruiz provided excellent acoustic soul covers.

The setup of the event was artistically beautiful and resonated the seasonal winter theme. Chairman, Glenn Cooper made a congratulatory speech and told the history of the first vintage ale. Mastermind brewers, Nick Sterenberg and Janie Zimmerman also talked about their processes with the vintage ale.
Nick said all the vintage ales share the same theme. “A high alcohol beer that can last for a long time but each one has to be slightly different. So we change the malt and we change the hops so the person that buys it, is not disappointed.” The process took about six months.

Nick said the beer “was a great vintage” but had a sweet spot for the 2010 vintage.

“It’s like choosing between your kids. They’re all your favourite.” The Coopers team are currently talking with the hops brewers and the barley farmers to get ideas for next year’s vintage ale.

I really enjoyed the new vintage. It was sweet, elegant and fruity. A mouthful was rich and velvety.

Every guest was gifted with a wooden Cooper’s case that had pictures of wheat and hops etched onto it.

Inside was two bottles of the vintage ale which made a nice collectable item.

The beer will be sold in stores from August 1st from $90 a carton and $30 a six pack. Get in quick because this beer will only be available for a limited time only.

Words by Christian Cominos


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