Protein Balls Adelaide – Winter Menu 2018

If you haven’t visited PBA Coffee House yet, you need to fix that immediately! Adelaide’s famous protein balls and raw vegan treats were first brought to us by the creative mind of Heba Feronas, offering her delicious creations to local cafes and restaurants.

They became in such high demand, it inspired Heba and her partner, Nick Monaco, to open their own establishment on Henley Beach Road earlier this year, and things have taken off from there!

“Business has been great,” Heba notes. “There is a demand for healthier cafes and restaurants in Adelaide.”

PBA Coffee House is a wonderland of delicious, high-nutrient eats. Since opening, they’ve gained acclaim for their delicious Acai Bowls, build it yourself Smoothie Bar as well as Heba’s vegan spin on classics like a Snickers Bar or Wagon Wheel. Not to mention their staple; Protein Balls.

However, if you’re thinking a green juice or smoothie bowl isn’t your first go-to during our Aussie winter, worry not. PBA Coffee House is launching a seasonal menu filled with warm, delicious and nutrient dense meals. Spoiler – every item is absolutely delicious!

With a hot cup of single-origin coffee in one hand and a glass of their house made kombucha in the other, we tasted a few of the new dishes PBA Coffee House is offering this winter.

Protein Pancakes

The next three dishes are variations on their protein pancakes. So I thought it best to comment first on the main star of each dish: the pancakes themselves. These. Were. So. GOOD! Soft and warm, with a perfect cake density balanced by a delicate lightness. Heba uses Prana Plant-Based Protein Powder to create her pancakes, taking breakfast to a whole new and healthy level.

Sticky Date Pudding & fresh Bananas

The sticky date sauce is made using a base of dates, blended until silky smooth with their in-house plant-based caramel. No syrup necessary on these pancakes; the decadent, date-forward sauce is all the sweetness you’ll need. With a perfect crunch from a sprinkling of crushed local Riverland almonds and an additional creamy hit from the sliced bananas, this stack didn’t last long under my fork.

Natural Peanut Butter & Pure Raspberry Jam

This blend brought me all the way back to watching Saturday morning cartoons with my older sister. Fresh layers of pure raspberry jam sat between each pancake, with a generous dollop of locally produced peanut butter sitting proud on top. And when I say pure, I mean pure! Heba doesn’t add anything to her jam, it’s 100% pure smashed raspberries (and totally delish).

House Made Nutella & local Strawberries

Anyone who knows me knows that I take my Nutella very seriously. When I went back to school to study as a Holistic Nutritionist, it pained me to give up the commercial stuff and I struggled to find a natural alternative. I so wish I had PBA Coffee House back then, because Heba’s house-made Nutella would have made that transition all the easier! Rich, dark chocolate flavours danced with the roasty nature of hazelnut, melting sinfully between each warm layer of pancake. A fresh hit of juicy strawberries added to the experience, and reminded me that, though it felt like a cheat meal, this was actually a healthful choice!

Upon request, you can also receive a side of pure maple syrup. So you can adjust the sweetness of each pancake how you see fit.

After annihilating their pancakes, we moved on to try a couple other options featured on their new winter menu.

Smashed Avo on Ciabatta with Danish Feta

PBA Coffee House keeps this one very simple, allowing the natural flavours of this three ingredient dish to really shine. The cabatta is bought locally and is a delightful slice of fluffy, crusty bread. The creamy avocado is sprinkled with Heba’s fave Danish feta, offering a bit of salt to bring everything together. A simple classic done right!

Honey & Vanilla Greek Yogurt Parfait with House Made Granola

Smooth and creamy, Heba leaves her Greek yogurt as natural as possible. Adding just a little honey and vanilla to infuse this dish with a touch of sweetness. Their house-made granola is crunchy and spiced perfectly. All topped with some fresh raspberries for a juicy hit, this is one parfait that will not only fill you up, but nourish your gut at the same time!

While most of the items you’ll find at PBA Coffee House are plant-based, Heba and Nick strive to be inclusive of all dietary choices, so some dairy can be found on their menu.

“We’re all about health, not exclusion.” Says Heba, “We’re even thinking about creating a healthier version of a Toastie this winter to offer something warm and comforting for the construction guys in the area.”

It’s not just with their menu items PBA Coffee House is trying to make a difference. Heba and Nick offer an array of reusable keep cups, smoothie jars and stainless-steel straws in an effort to reduce overall waste.

So, whether you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee, a cleanings green juice or a hearty stack of delicious protein pancakes, PBA Coffee House is one of Adelaide’s best stops for healthy alternatives. Oh, not to mention the only place to go for a protein ball (or two… or twenty!)

Words by Jamieson Eileen

WHERE: 208 Henley Beach Rd, Torrensville


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