Mexican Society – The Frida Kahlo Inspired Menu

It’s a common misconception that its hard to create good food, with the right fresh ingredients and a recipe, anyone can cook.

But where the difference truly lies is between what makes food good, and what makes food great.

And as cliché as it may sound, one of the greatest differences is how much the chef cares about the food he is creating.

To that end, Head Chef Alejandro Huerta of Mexican Society on Gouger Street has created a new menu inspired by Frida Kahlo, a legendary artist and beloved Mexican icon.

As Chef Alejandro told us “One of the most important messages Frida Kahlo gave to Mexicans was to embrace yourself, be proud of who you are and your roots, this food we have created is a reinvention of Mexican food for Australia”.

Reinvention is the right word, the presentation of the dishes, the variety of options, and the flavours involved make this a refreshingly new experience compared to most other Mexican offerings in the city.

Take for instance their Smoked Guacamole, a classic entrée that’s been tweaked to include a smokey flavour, and the addition of several unique ingredients, such as plantains (cooked banana) and pepitas (pumpkin seeds).

The surprise package of the day came in the form of the Barramundi a la Veracruz, an entire barramundi grilled with chilli oil and fresh herbs. This fish was something special, with a level of tenderness and flavour that was enough bring a tear to the eye of even this jaded critic.

But no Mexican restaurant is complete without a variety of classic tacos, and they do not disappoint here. The Crispy Lamb Barboca Taco, and Beef Fajita’s are both fun twists on established classics, and feature the same stunning ingredients as the rest of the menu.

The menu, also features a stunning selection of cocktails, with unique visual aspects and fantastic flavouring to boot.

Mexican Society is open for dinner from Monday to Saturday from 5:30pm.

Words and Photos by Luke Radford

WHERE: 140 Gouger St, Adelaide



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