Beach Bum – North Adelaide

Beach Bum Hawaiian Kiosk is a wonderful Hawaiian Japanese Fusion restaurant located in North Adelaide. And, if you’re like me, just hearing “Hawaiian Japanese” is enough to get you in your car and over to O’Connell Street!

A casual yet sophisticated dining experience, Beach Bum offer summer-time vibes all year round. We popped in to try a few of their delicious dishes and wish we had time to work our way through the whole menu! Since we were limited this time around, we had to start off with an all-time classic: Beach Bum’s Fish and Chips.

The tempura batter is what sets Beach Bum’s Fish and Chips apart. Crunchy and delicate with a little hint of sea salt, the outside fry accompanied the moist and flaky John Dory perfectly. I loved that they continued the tempura feel through to their fries. Seasoned deliciously, the potato stayed fluffy while the crunch of their fries made them highly addictive.

Both paired with a Sriracha Mayo instead of the normal tartar sauce to add a unique creamy spice. Their Fish & Chips is a very solid dish.

Next we tried their Big Island Plate. This is a DIY soft taco with ingredients so fresh, you’ll struggle not to overstuff your flour tortilla.

The Pineapple Salsa balanced bright tomato with tart and subtly sweet pineapple. A garnish of corn blended with Sriracha Mayo for an added crunch with a hint of creamy sweetness. While I don’t eat meat, I was quite happy to top my taco with a little Beach Bum Slaw and enjoy it as a veggie delight. Lee, who was able to taste the meat, described the Japanese BBQ Lamb Rump as: “Tender and juicy, and not over seasoned so it’s perfectly balanced when piled with all the other ingredients”. You can also order this dish with a Soy Coffee Grilled Scotch Fillet, which I’m sure would be just as yummy.

The last meal we sampled was their Teriyaki Chicken Bento. Another dish you can DIY or simply enjoy all the elements separately. My fave part was the sticky rice, as I grew up with homemade sushi at every family gathering. They really nail the savoury sweetness of a good sticky rice, and it reminded me of home as I dug in.

The potato salad was creamy, with a little fresh herb flavour from the generous garnish of chives. Lee described the Teriyaki Chicken as: “Really juicy and succulent, the skin is crispy and there was a little heat from the chilli.” Beach Bum Slaw & Edamame Beans capped off this dish for a healthy and fresh bite.

We also enjoyed a sampling of Hawaiian Kona Brewing Co. beer, offered in bottles. Perfect to pair with all three of the dishes we enjoyed! My favourite brew was Hanalei Island IPA for its light fruit flavour and bitter balance of hops.

I sincerely recommend you also treat yo’self and get a cocktail! They’re above and beyond delicious and all too easy to drink. The two we sampled were the Coconut Bomb and Islander Espresso.

The Coconut Bomb reminded me of a Pina Colada but with forward flavours of fresh pineapple.

Lee tried the Islander Espresso, which reminded him of a Vietnamese iced coffee; super creamy, lightly sweet and mega yummy.

With the sun shining through their big windows and Beach Bum’s ultra friendly staff all smiling, we not only left satisfied, but very relaxed. Beach Bum is a wonderful local spot to enjoy a casual lunch, a quick cocktail or as your go-to if you’re out for dinner and drinks with your mates!

Next time we’re there, we’re for sure saving room for dessert (and perhaps another cocktail… or two).

Words by Jamieson Eileen

WHERE: 47 O’Connell St, North Adelaide


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