New Brazilian barbecue restaurant, B’Churrasco, has opened its doors to the people of Adelaide.

Previously home to PJ O’Briens, B’Churrasco showcases distinctive modern flavours of Brazil with its selection of meats, poultry, sausage, sauces and sides; with each dish traditionally prepared and then cooked over charcoal on giant skewers.

We were lucky enough to be invited to their official opening, where we were treated with spectacular service and a wonderful performance by two beautiful Brazilian dancers, who kicked off the night.

To start, we were served Pao de Alho – Garlic Bread and our sides for the evening also came out, as the waiters prepared to come to our tables with the giant skewers carrying the different meat selections.

The sides included; Hand Cut Chips, served with dark mustard sauce that was to die for; a beautifully fresh Green Salad; Banana Frita (small pieces of fried banana), that were wonderfully sweet and balanced well with the savoury meat; and fresh Potato Salad with Bacon; all balancing well with the deeper flavours of the meats. The sides were lovely but simple, giving off a more homely vibe to the overall experience.

Soon after our sides arrived, the passador’s, (meat waiters), came around with the meat rotation.

The Sobre Coxa de Frango – Chicken Thigh was beautiful and tender. The chicken was coated in a lovely sweet honey glaze; a beautiful balance of sweet and savoury. The meat was cooked perfectly and held a good contrast in textures with the soft centre with the slightly crispier marinated skin.

The Paleta de Porco – Pork Neck was amazing. It was wonderfully marinated with a slightly sweet and smoky glaze, which held a sticky texture. The meat was tender and melted in your mouth with every bite.

The Alcatra ao Alho – Garlic Rump was again perfectly cooked. The decent portion of meat held a strong, deep flavour and was tender to the touch. The Beef was wonderfully seasoned with garlic and melted Parmesan cheese, giving the beef a lovely balance with earthier flavours complimenting the overall dish.

The Paleta de Carneiro – Leg of Lamb was one of the favourites on the night. The soft and tender meat was lovely and pink in the centre; just the way I like it. On the edges it was slightly crunchy and held a slight smoky flavour from being cooked over charcoal, which was a beautiful flavour addition, as it wasn’t too overpowering.

The Asa de Frango – Chicken Wings were tender and soft and the meat easily came off the bone. The wings were slightly spicy from the marinated coating but weren’t too hot or overpowering and were still quite mild, leaving it an open option for everyone; even those who don’t like anything too spicy. The spice balanced well with the soft, plain meat inside.

The Picanha – Rump Cap was delicious. Beautiful sizes of Beef came around on the skewers and were well cooked. The outer skin was slightly crunchy and smoky in flavour, which balanced well with the pink, soft centre. The rump melted in your mouth and was definitely another favourite on the night.

For dessert we were served Abacaxi assado – Pineapple with cinnamon and sugar. This dish was amazing. Served as two whole pineapples on the large metal skewers, this dish was also carved at the table while still hot and fresh. The fruit was sweet and sticky in texture. The dessert was light and refreshing after the stronger flavours and textures of the large selections of meat. Overall, a beautiful way to finish our night.

All the dishes were wonderful. Each piece of meat was perfectly cooked and seasoned, and the chef’s did a wonderful job on bringing out the best flavours each ingredient could offer. The meat presented on the long metal skewers added a fun theatrical element to the night, with the carving the still hot meat directly onto customers plates at the table; a definite highlight to the evening.

Each dish made me feel like I was having a lovely, wholesome home-style family meal in Brazil, not sitting in a restaurant in Adelaide.

Originally established in Central Melbourne in 2013, B’Churrasco had been loved by locals ever since, thus owner Jack Poon decided it was time to expand their horizons and bring the flavours of Brazil to Adelaide.

B’Churrasco’s Head Chef, Arthur Santos, is just one of the experienced staff to relocate from their Melbourne store. A Sao Paulo native, Arthur uses traditional Brazilian cooking techniques to bring out the best flavours in the locally sourced meats.

“South Australia has wonderful produce. Our menu only uses meat from local suppliers and butchers, who focus on the quality of the meat,

“We prepare our meats the Brazilian way, seasoned with only rock salt, so the flavour of the meat can really shine. It is then cooked over charcoal on skewers and carved directly on to your plate.

“It is very theatrical – visiting B’Churrasco is a true dining experience,” Mr Santos said.

The B’Churrasco concept is quite unique, distinctive and simply must be experienced first-hand.

With a long list of Adelaide foodies already wanting to get in on the experience, B’Churrasco is set to become a popular location in the culinary scene.

B’Churrasco is open for dinner on Wednesday through to Sunday from 4:30pm till Midnight.

Words and Images by Cyndal King

WHERE: 10-12 East Tce, Adelaide



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