Adelaide Fringe 2018 – Choir of Man

Looking for a feel good musical about nine men singing and dancing in their local pub? The Adelaide Fringe’s Choir of Man might just be for you!

Performing for the first time outside of the UK at this year’s Fringe, Choir of Man features ‘high energy dance, live percussion, and foot stomping choreography’ that’s sure to get you out of your seat!

With the group all taking turns in the spotlight performing songs from today’s greatest hits to some all-time classics, Choir of Man will have you singing along to the well-known lyrics in no time!

Though this is a show, there is a strange, casual feel about it, almost like the audience is spectating the theatrics from a neighbouring table in the boys’ favourite pub – The Jungle. The musical interludes are broken only by some spoken word poetry (even more of an unexpected twist from nine muscular men!). There is an air of frivolity and mateship from the moment you walk through the door, with each of the boys personally welcoming the audience inside, even inviting them on stage for a private tour of their pub before the performance commences.

Choir of Man might seem like an unexpected mix of burly manliness and show choir theatrics, but we can guarantee it’s worth watching. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we marvelled at how much fun the boys seemed to be having while performing. This really is the feel good show of this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

You can catch Choir of Man at the Flamingo in Gluttony all the way until the end of the Fringe season. Purchase your tickets online here.

Words by Geena Ho

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