Adelaide Fringe 2018 – Jackson vs Jackson

Good food, good drinks, and good shows punctuated the opening night of Gluttony, but the centrepiece of the evening was Jackson vs. Jackson.

This hour-long musical marvel, brought to life by Aussie Vocal powerhouse The Gospo Collective, is a rollicking adventure, exploring the music of Michael and Janet Jackson.

Under the direction of their superstar lead: Charmaine Jones-Devasgayam, the ladies and gents of the Gospo Collective are here to assault your eardrums with a stunning tribute to the superstar siblings.

Now I must admit that when the Fringe rolls around every year, I’m not usually one for musical acts, often sticking to stand-up to get my Fringe fix. Jackson vs. Jackson however, has made me re-evaluate my position.

This Show is fun, vibrant, and beautifully sung, everyone from lead Charmaine, to the Gospo Collective singers, to the backup vocalists, and even junior choir they brought on stage rocks their part.

Speaking of the backup choir, it was cool to see familiar faces amongst the vocalists, as it turns out that they recruited young singers from across Adelaide to provide the backing vocals.

The hour long performance is the kind of show that’s a pleasure just to attend, the atmosphere is one of pure joy, with dancing actively encouraged. Further Credit to Charmaine, as she discusses some interesting ideas and concepts about the Collectives musical beliefs and identity.

The best part of the show was when Maggie Beer got on stage: No really! The culinary queen of SA was invited on stage with her small choir from the Barossa, and rocked out alongside the collective for the last couple of songs.

Jackson vs. Jackson honestly deserves praise, despite being a complete musical novice and not knowing any of the songs till the last couple, I enjoyed it greatly and I’m sure you will too.

Jackson vs. Jackson is on this weekend 23rd – 25th of February at the Peacock tent in Gluttony, tickets are available for online purchase here.

Words by Luke Radford

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