Sukha Life

Struggling to keep up New Year’s resolution? Don’t worry, recently launched Sukha Life has your back, with as clean and healthy eating as you can get!

Nestled between other popular hotspots on the CBD’s Hutt Street, Suhka Life offers 100% plant-based, vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar free food (boy, is that a mouthful!).

Having started off as South Australia’s only plant-based meal delivery service that sources and packages locally, co-owners, Amy and Elle, decided to expand to a café when they realised they needed a bigger kitchen for their growing business. Thus, Suhka Life was born in October 2017, one year after the launch of their meal delivery service.

“Our belief is food is medicine which is why we use carefully sourced local foods, organic where possible, super-hydrating, superfood-filled and the best bang-for-your buck ingredients on the planet that replenish, hydrate and invigorate your body with whole ingredients and loving hands,” the girls say.

Amy was the one to come up with the business’ name, with ‘suhka’ being the Hindi word for ‘joy, happiness, pleasure and ease’ – perfectly embodying their food philosophy!

This week, we were invited to try their revamped menu, launching at the end of January:

Berry Beautiful Beauty Bowl
This first dish was ‘berry beautiful’ indeed! The combination of banana, mixed berries, chia seeds, cinnamon, PRANA Phyto berry protein powder, and milk resulted in a meal as pretty as a picture. The entire dish as a whole was very fresh and ideal for a hot morning’s breakfast!

Vanilla & Tumeric Waffle
Being Elle’s personal favourite, we had high expectations for this one! We must say, when it first came out, the slightly greenish tinge of the waffle itself had us curious about how it would taste. But wow, were we pleasantly surprised by the perfectly fluffy, yet crunchy on the edges, not-too-sweet, waffle that greeted our tastebuds! Served with blueberry chia jam, vanilla coconut yoghurt, and topped with hempseed – a complete source of protein – this dish satisfied our sweet-tooth while being 100% healthy!

Sukha Granola with Coyo & Fresh Berries
This dish was the epitome of nutritious (we were able to taste the healthiness with every bite!). Though looks weren’t compensated in this case, with the choc almond granola spread across the dish beautifully and the fresh berries adding a touch of colour. Pouring the purple Coyo over the granola made it all the more colourful, while adding to the party of textures this dish offered.

Savoury Loaf with Smashed Avo, Dill, Cashew Cheese, Rocket & Chilli
A different take on the classic smashed avo on toast – featuring cashew cheese as the vegan substitute for crumbled feta. For us, the real hero of this dish was Sukha’s house-made savoury seeded loaf, made from a mix of almond meal, sunflower seeds, and pepitas. The result was a crumbly yet pillowy-soft bread that created a flavour explosion upon first bite. To top it off, the smear of bright pink beetroot hummus added a pop of colour to the final product.

Satay Tofu Buddha Bowl
You really can’t go wrong with a good peanut sauce. And this was a good peanut sauce! The myriad of colours provided by the brown rice, orange carrot, purple cabbage, red capsicum and green spring onion made this dish as a colourful as it was delicious! The peanut sauce coated fried cubes of tofu and brown rice were the soft to the carrot, cabbage and capsicum’s crunchy, adding to the perfect combination of sensations for both the eyes as well as the tastebuds!

Mexican Bowl
This dish came out looking exactly like a deconstructed burrito, with the diced tomato and date, cucumber, black beans, corn, and black rice spread neatly on the stark white plate. A few gluten free corn chips were nestled in between the corn and black beans. Less crunchy than normal corn chips meant these were perfect for supporting the weight of all the ingredients that laid before us, where a normal corn chip (would have crumbled under the pressure!). The small bowl of green coriander, mint and cashew sauce made the perfect cool accompaniment.

Bunless Burger with Roasted Sweet Potato Chips
Suhka Life must do the prettiest bunless burger we’ve ever seen! When this dish came out, we were taken aback by how appetising it looked – with the burger sitting in a nest of spinach and red cabbage, surrounded by fresh cherry tomatoes and sweet potato chips. The burger (changing every week), made from mushroom and cashew nuts, and topped with miso dressing, was crumbly and reminded us of the texture of bread. The accompanying sauce – made from sriracha and cashew – was the biggest surprise of the dish providing salty-sweet flavour with a kick, and had us wondering why Sukha hadn’t started bottling and selling it yet!

If you’re looking for a healthy meal that’s as pretty as a picture, look no further than Suhka Life! Amy and Elle source everything locally, from their meal delivery to their café (even their coffee beans are from local roasters, Elementary Coffee!), giving us all the more reason to visit again soon!

Suhka Life is open for breakfast and lunch Mondays 7am-11am, Tuesday-Friday 7am-3pm, and Saturdays 8am-2pm.

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: 172A Hutt St, Adelaide


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