SAHA (meaning ‘health’ in Arabic) is a breakfast and brunch café situated in Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs. Since opening not so long ago, SAHA has made a name for themselves, as they serve traditional Lebanese dishes, whilst being food and family orientated.

This breakfast and brunch café could not be rated highly enough. Other than the stunning food that SAHA serve, the customer service is impeccable. You definitely feel welcome from the time you walk in the door to the time when you leave.

Not to mention, SAHA are a dog-friendly café (as dogs are also a big part of a family), so don’t be afraid to bring them along for breakfast or brunch. SAHA also cater for mums, dads and kids with their parent room, while the whole café consists of enough space for parents to fit their prams. In addition, SAHA have a lovely courtyard out the back, perfect for enjoying your meal on a warm, sunny day.

Inside the café, SAHA’s atmosphere makes you feel at ease as the walls are decorated with elegant gold art, with big windows that let natural light grace the surrounding areas, along with tasteful furniture to sit and enjoy your meal.

Aside from the gorgeous interior and the amazing customer service – SAHA’s food is colourful, delicious and made to perfection.

We were invited along to try a selection of dishes from their menu, as there are plenty of food items to choose from.

The dishes that were prepared and served to us truly symbolised the vibrant and delightful food that is a part of Lebanese culture.

Some of the breakfast options (which are available all day at SAHA) include: the 303 Scrambled Breakfast, the SAHA Lebanese Breakfast and the Vegetarian Breakfast.

The SAHA Lebanese Breakfast consist free range eggs (made the way you would like them, so poached, scrambled etc.), zaatar – a middle eastern herb, sujuk – a type of sausage popular in the Middle East that’s packed full of flavour, smooth house labneh topped with olive oil and black seeds, Lebanese flatbread, as well as fresh olives, cucumber, tomato and Lebanese pickles that add a splash of colour to the dish.

The 303 Scrambled Breakfast adds a twist to just having scrambled eggs in the morning as it features tender lamb pieces, onion, free range scrambled eggs, a light dust of paprika, parsley, tangy labneh, served with Lebanese pickles and Lebanese flatbread.

Not forgetting the Vegetarian Breakfast which includes grilled broccolini, cooked spinach and mushroom, fresh avocado topped with black seeds, crisp on the outside but soft on the inside falafel, tahini – organic sesame seeds, rich baba ghanoush- a tasty, Middle Eastern dip, finished off with Lebanese pickles and served on Rye toast.

Or, if you’re wanting to opt for a sweet breakfast, we definitely recommend the Persian Pancakes. Available in either a two or three stack, you can indulge in soft pancakes, topped with sweet maple syrup and Persian fairy floss that melts in your mouth, while fresh seasonal fruit line the top and outside of the dish, along with some coconut shreds.

All these dishes are presented beautifully on a ceramic plate, as all the elements in each dish vastly complement each other.

SAHA makes a perfect place if you’re looking for breakfast or brunch and want to bring along family or some friends; as they have incredible tasting plates on their menu.

The tasting plates that are on offer are: The Vegan Tasting Plate (min. 4 people), the Vegetarian Tasting Plate (min. 4 people), the Lebanese Tasting Plate (min. 6 people) and the SAHA Banquet Menu (min. 6 people). With these four tasting plates, there’s definitely something to suit everyone.

As the serving plates are packed full of tasty and decadent items of food, here’s some of the items you can expect.

Let’s start with Kibbe. Kibbe is made with a crispy, golden casing of ground meat and crushed wheat, filled with finely seasoned mince meat, onion, spices, pine nuts, served with smooth hommus and tangy Lebanese pickles.

Vegan Kibbe is a great alternative if your vegan or vegetarian. Vegan Kibbe is made with a crispy, golden casing of pumpkin with a vegetable filling and spices, served with smooth hommus and tangy Lebanese pickles.

You’ll also find Falafel included in all of the tasting plates, which consist of fava beans, chickpeas, dried coriander, garlic and cumin, served with savoury tahini sauce and Lebanese bread.

Not to mention the Fattoush Salad. A great combination of crispy Lebanese bread, filled with a colourful, delicate salad which includes: fresh salad greens, cucumber, tomato, capsicum, parsley, sumac, sweet pomegranate, molasses, lemon, garlic and drizzled with olive oil.

SAHA also have you covered with their refreshing drinks menu, which feature juices and smoothies, SAHA botanical teas and hot and cold drinks.

We decided to try a few beverages that SAHA have on their menu – and they did not disappoint.

First there was the Fresh OJ, which is fresh pressed orange juice. Served in a tall glass with ice, you can definitely tell this orange juice isn’t from a bottle.

Also looking for some smoothies to enjoy, we opted for the Green Aladdin and the Sultan’s Delight.

The Green Aladdin boasts a vibrant green colour, as it consists of avocado, baby spinach, pineapple, apple, banana, lemon and mint. The combination of these flavours creates the perfect balance, as the mint, apple and lemon make the smoothie refreshing, while the pineapple adds an element of sweetness.

While Sultan’s Delight creates a gorgeous pink colour as it includes: fresh strawberries, apple, mint and orange. A perfect blend of sweet and citrus!

We also tried a coffee – a café latte to be specific. When it arrived, it looked too good to drink as the latte art was picturesque. Although when we did drink the latte, it was rich and delicious. So, if you order a coffee from SAHA, be sure to take a snap of the latte art, and then indulge.

SAHA is located on The Parade in Beulah Park and is open from 7:30am – 3:30pm from Tuesday to Sunday. So be sure to pop in if you’re around the area!

Words by Courtney FlynnWHERE: 303 The Parade, Beulah Park

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