Udder Delights Australia

The Adelaide Hills-based artisan cheese company Udder Delights has joined forces with Japanese dairy powerhouse Snow Brand (both Snow Brand Australia and Meg Milk Snow Brand) in a partnership that will take the restructured company, Udder Delights Australia, into an exciting new future.

Udder Delights Australia will continue to be led by husband and wife team Saul and Sheree Sullivan in their respective roles of Managing Director and Chief Executive.

“We are really excited to announce and introduce Udder Delights Australia, a company which will take us to new heights, with the partnership and financial backing allowing us to create new products, services and innovations; and provide greater opportunities for our staff, suppliers and valued customers,” Mr Sullivan said.

“Snow Brand has fully endorsed that the Udder Delights quality must remain at the highest standard, under my watchful eye and guidance as a Master Cheesemaker.

“It will be business as usual for our team, and Sheree and I, as we continue to make the very best cheese in the pristine Adelaide Hills. And now, with the support of such an experienced and like-minded global industry pioneer, we have the opportunity to make some of our wildest dairy dreams come true.”

Megmilk Snow Brand have been making cheese and butter for 90 years in Japan and Snow Brand Australia arrived in 1990 with its Unicorn, Nowra Farmhouse and Flinders Estate brands, specialising in white mould cheeses.

With Trevor Dunford, the co-founder, majority shareholder and father of current director Sheree Sullivan approaching retirement, Udder Delights started seeking to sell his share of the company – including the Lobethal based cheese factory – to a likeminded partner earlier this year.

The Sullivans will retain full ownership of the popular Udder Delights Cheese Cellar on Hahndorf’s main street.

“We were at a critical juncture in our business and my father’s pending retirement presented us with an opportunity to work with a new business partner,” Ms Sullivan said.

“We are so pleased that we’ve found another business that already works within our industry and brings a huge amount of experience to the table.

“It’s also humbling that a business such as Snow Brand is partnering with us – and has faith in our track record and our experience, which will see us lead Udder Delights Australia in this new chapter.

“With our complementary skills sets, we can’t wait to start working on some innovative new projects and products that will further enhance the Australian dairy industry and please the palates of more cheese lovers across the country.”

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