Burger Republic – Hyde Park – October 2017

If burgers are your thing, you have to try Burger Republic in Hyde Park. The old style Indy vibe you get when you walk into the restaurant is relaxed and makes you feel welcome. The cool interior with the blue tiled floor and wooden accents create a hippy vibe that invites you in to try their food, knowing that their meals are going to be full of different fresh ingredients and flavours.

As shown in its name, Burger Republic has a reputation for its hearty and flavour filled burgers. With all different ingredients, flavours and styles, there is something for everyone.

We were lucky enough to try four different burgers on our visit. The first, a burger named Sweet Thang. This comes with beef, cheddar, blue cheese, bacon, caramelised onion, rocket and a house style sauce. This more elite style burger, with its mix of cheddar and blue cheese, perfectly paired with the flavours of the caramelised onion and a sweet hot sauce, which left a spicy tang in the mouth. The whole mix of flavours complimented each other well, but didn’t overpower one another; creating a smooth and balanced meal.

Next we tried the Gaucho burger consisting of beef, cheese, bacon, onion rings, smokey BBQ sauce and Ranch sauce. This burger is perfect for any barbecue lovers. The typical cowboy style ranch burger with the onion rings and the smooth ranch sauce is superbly combined with the smokey tones in the barbecue sauce and the crispy bacon. The entire burger leaves a smokey, meaty bite to finish.

The KFCB (Korean Fried Chicken Burger) is one for the spice lovers as it leaves a spicy kick in your mouth. Consisting of fried chicken, cheese, kimchi, lettuce, kewpie and shriracha; this burger is full of flavour. The spicy shriracha sauce mixed with the kimchi is a nice combination of cool and tang, while the fried chicken is sweet and tender; a great pair with the spice to help cool your mouth.

The last burger we tried was titled Tropical, made with beef, cheese, bacon, pineapple fritter, lettuce, tomato and 3M sauce. The sweet sticky sauce paired well with the smokey bacon and pineapple fritter, creating the perfect tropical flavour of sweet and sour. The added tomato added a smooth tone to the slight spice of the beefy patty, complimenting the overall flavours of the burger.

Slated thick cut fries were served on the side of all the burgers, with a choice of different sauces on the tables.

We also got to try some of Burger Republic’s sides: Onion Rings, Republic Fried Chicken Drumettes and Sweet Potato Wedges.

The Onion Rings weren’t too spicy and were perfectly battered so the fried dough didn’t overpower them. Perfectly seasoned and had a great caramelised flavour. The Chicken Drumettes were tender with a bit of spice mixed in the batter. They were served with a creamy tomato flavoured sauce that left a hint of tang that wasn’t too overpowering and paired well. And the Sweet Potato Fries were thinly cut and had a perfect seasoning of herbs and salt, making you want to dig in for more.

So many flavour combinations in one burger or side dish, shows the thought and care put into each meal to ensure that even the fussiest of customers are satisfied. The perfectly toned flavours wonderfully compliment one another and you definitely get your money’s worth with the size of each meal. And if burgers aren’t your thing, Burger Republic also serve Fries, Fried Chicken, Hot Dogs, Salad bowls, Desserts, Snack food and more.

The overall atmosphere was relaxed and with the open front doors that let the fresh air in was perfect on a warm day. The service was fast and overall a very lovely place to sit and have lunch or dinner.

So why not try one of their burgers today and even get a traditional milkshake or some fries to pair. You will not regret it.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 110 King William Rd, Hyde Park

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