Sushi Planet – Modbury – VIP Media Launch

I was always jealous of my friend who lived off Anzac Highway. Whenever she wanted, she could just pop up to Sushi Planet Adelaide and get some great takeaway sushi. Or even have it delivered to her. Then she’d sit at home and eat sushi while watching Netflix like some sort of Sushi Queen. “If only there was a Sushi Planet in the north,” I’d say, “then I’d be truly happy.”

The good Lord has answered my prayers, and Adelaide Food Central hosted the grand opening of Sushi Planet Modbury on North East Road on Wednesday, September 20.

The restaurant is modern with a Japanese twist. And it’s a great size, with booths to fit your group of friends, tables for little gatherings and benches for those cute, one-on-one dates that makes everybody jealous (or if you wanna eat alone on your lunch break without making super awkward eye contact).

Since it’s off North East Road, this new location is easy to get to, and parking is a breeze. There’s even a 10% discount on pick-up orders.

As for the menu, Sushi Planet Modbury has everything you could want in a local sushi place: beef tataki, nigiri, gunkan ships, rolls and skewers, a range of sashimi and other dishes like soup and rice. They even have gluten free options and quinoa rolls, if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s great to get quality like this in the evening, without having to make the trek into the city.

I loved their sushi – the variety, the freshness of the fish and the hint of wasabi in the aburi. Overall the restaurant is sure to be a hit. The location is great, the food is great, and I am one happy little blogger.

Words and Images by Olivia Henry

WHERE: Shop 15, 954 North East Rd, Modbury

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