Good Thnx

“Say thanks. Donate to Charity. Feel Good”

I love a good cause and this is no exception! Let us introduce you to Good Thnx; a not-for-profit platform which is a public ancillary fund with DGR Status.

A world first and an Australian innovation, that is creating a world of more gratitude with a push of a button. This is a truly forward thinking initiative, where individuals get the opportunity to say thank you, and reward the world (the good) by pre-donating money for their chosen charity (the thnx).

What I love about this is the donator also gets the opportunity to write a personal message to the recipient. How cool is that!

There is no cost for an organisation to register, or to use the platform, and with support from the likes of the RSPCA, Beyond Blue, WWF and over 80 other charity partners on board, it’s no surprise Good Thnkx, has expanded and grown out of their initial co-working space for the last 2 years.

Last Thursday we were invited to attend the launch of their brand new office space in the city. The Renew Adelaide program proudly helped out and supported this new venture. This will now enable Good Thnx to expand and accommodate more people, including a number of tech development students from local universities. This really is a win win for all involved.

The launch was a chilled, no fuss affair, which tied in well with their minimalistic cool vibe loft feel. These guys mean business moving forward. Well done Good Thnx, and congratulations on your achievements so thus far. is a unique platform. It enables individuals to reward good, say thnx and change the world. Users send their ‘thnx’ to a recipient accompanied by a donation to go to charity – and the recipient chooses which charity to preference.

There is no cost for an organisation to register or to use the platform.

Words by Kathryn Robertson

WHERE: Level 1, 453 Morphett St, Adelaide

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