Feathers Hotel – Cosy Winters by Rekorderlig

As temperatures continue to drop, Beautifully Swedish cider brand Rekorderlig is offering Aussies the chance to warm up at a roaming winter pop-up experience, aptly named ‘Cosy Winters by Rekorderlig’, which will appear in select venues across Australia, between June and September.

The Swedes welcome winter with open arms – it is the season for slowing down, getting together with friends after a busy summer and appreciating the good things in life. The perfect winter-warmer for this kind of occasion being, Rekorderlig Hot Spiced Äpple Cider.

From Tuesday, 11 July until Sunday, 27 August visitors to Feathers Hotel in Burnside will be able to enjoy ‘Cosy Winters by Rekorderlig.’ An area of the venue will be transformed into a warm, bright and inviting oasis that will bring a little sunshine to the dark, cooler months, creating the perfect spot for Aussies to curl up, get cosy and form memorable moments with friends.

Featuring luxurious arm chairs, comfy cushions, cosy blankets and ambient lighting, Rekorderlig’s roaming pop-up has been carefully curated to inspire and intrigue Australians, complemented by Rekorderlig Hot Spiced Äpple Cider, which will be available throughout the pop-up.

Traditionally, Rekorderlig Cider is enjoyed refreshingly chilled, but the Spiced Äpple Cider – a unique combination of spiced apple, infused with cinnamon and vanilla flavours – can also be served warm with a slice of orange, so the beverage is fast becoming a favourite during the colder winter months.

Visitors to the ‘Cosy Winters by Rekorderlig’ will be able to enjoy Rekorderlig Spiced Äpple Cider poured hot from a unique Swedish teapot into bespoke glassware.

As winter is best served shared, Rekorderlig is taking this experience nationwide to bars across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, giving Aussies the opportunity to get a taste for Swedish customs in the chillier months.

Intrigued by the occasion, it is easy to recreate ‘Cosy Winters’ at home, by gently heating Rekorderlig Spiced Äpple Cider in a pan and serving with a slice of orange. For the more adventurous, a few drops of Australian Bitters can be added to the brew, to create a more complex blend.

Cosy Winters by Rekorderlig‘ will be running at the Feathers Hotel from Tuesday 11th July to Sunday 27th August.

WHERE: 516 Glynburn Rd, Burnside


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