Renew Adelaide – Own It Projects

To celebrate the acquisition of five new Adelaide start-ups, Renew Adelaide hosted an event at Ancient World (a former Renew project) last Friday evening.

Renew Adelaide’s Own It projects called for businesses ran by under 25 year olds to provide physical office spaces and needed support to the successful young up and comers.

Wanting to demonstrate to young people that running your own business is a valid aspirational venture, Renew Adelaide has officially introduced Cat & Fox Films, Uhuru The Label, YEWTH, Monomyth Games and Fleur and Brew into their already coveted array of projects.

With an open bar, Adelaide’s underground finest heard about the prospective businesses first hand from the budding entrepreneurs.

Cat & Fox Films is a video and production company specialising in stylistic and thought provoking video content for small businesses.

Uhuru The Label provides sustainable and handmade versatile clothing and accessories for the conscious consumer.

YEWTH creates a collaborative media publication showcasing the best of Adelaide music and art across multiple platforms.

Monomyth Games is an indie game company based in Adelaide, currently using their Renew Adelaide space to work together to create their upcoming game ‘Need To Know’.

Fleur and Brew combines all things beautiful with a 2 in 1 florist and coffee shop!

Thank you to Renew Adelaide for hosting Adelaide Food Central at the celebratory night, and big congratulations to the incredible young business owners who have become a part of this exciting project.

Words by Emma Dignon

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