Australian Bacon Week – Australian PorkMark Bacon Awards

Barossa Fine Foods is the best Australian short cut bacon.

Bacon lovers rejoice, for South Australia is the home of Australia’s best short cut bacon. Barossa Fine Foods took out the title in the recent Australian PorkMark Bacon Awards, while Kanmantoo Bacon and Quality Meats came second nationally for its full rasher.

The Australian PorkMark Bacon Awards, held as part of Australian Bacon Week, celebrate the best bacon made from 100% Australian pork.

Barossa Fine Foods took out top honours in the short cut category, recognising a long family history of making quality smallgoods,” said Australian Pork Limited’s Mitch Edwards.

“South Australia also performed well in the full rasher category, with Kanmantoo Bacon and Quality Meats second nationally.

“South Australia is well known for its appreciation of quality food and these awards recognise producers who are using 100% Australian pork.”

Barossa’s bacon was described as being a perfect, prosciutto style with a nice colour and aroma and great flavour. Kanmantoo’s winning full rasher was described as having a beautiful appearance, perfectly cured and tasting as good as it looks.

In the South Australian competition, Barossa Fine Foods took out first place in the short cut category, with Kanmantoo Bacon and Quality Meats, second, and Schulz Brothers third. Kanmantoo took out the full rasher category, with Leabrook Quality Meats, second, and Mathie’s Meat Shoppe, Clare, rounding out the top three. Nationally, Griffith Butchery, ACT, took out the overall best bacon award and the full rasher category.

Australian Bacon Week runs from 25 June to 1 July, drawing attention to the competition local bacon faces from imported products. This year, people are being encourage to share their favourite way to enjoy the magical meat.

“Aussie bacon is a regular feature of my breakfasts and even pops up to add a highlight and flavour boost in the occasional lunch or dinner,” Mr Edwards said.

“This Australian Bacon Week, we’ve got chefs and restaurants serving up delicious dishes, and we also hope people will share their favourite Aussie bacon dishes on social media.”

Mr Edwards said it shocked people to learn that more than 70 per cent of bacon sold in Australia is made from imported pork. “Australian Bacon Week is about celebrating our best bacon, but also reminding people that they need to look for our pink PorkMark logo or the words ‘Product of Australia’.”

Australian Bacon Week runs until 1 July, with more information, participating restaurants and recipes available from

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