Beer and Cider Fest 2017

Sunday June 18 was the 11th Annual Beer and Cider Fest at the Arkaba Hotel. The day was big and exciting, filled with tastings, food, special guests and prizes to be won.

The event was a beer lover’s dream. Ticket prices were $25 (plus booking fee) or $35 at the door, and included a tasting glass and little information bag. The most exciting thing about this was the tasting glass, which entitled you to unlimited free tastings of the 100 beer and ciders available.

The information bag featured an order slip with room for comments. We noticed beer enthusiasts rating each beer as they tasted them and going down the list to make sure they tried each one.

If you’re not a beer person (and I am certainly not), this is a great event to try a huge range of beers and find your favourites. As a cider fan, I found some wonderful new drinks to keep an eye out for, including:
Sidewood Adelaide Hills Cider: a fizzy and sweet cider that’s easy to drink.
Hills Mulled Cider: another sweet, warm cider perfect for winter nights.
Sparkke: a canned range with a purpose, which included hard lemonade, ginger beer and cider. Don’t let the can fool you – these flavours are strong and real, with activist slogans such as “change the date” and “consent doesn’t come after you do”.
Woolshed Rude Ruby Grapefruit: a citrusy drink that goes down a little too easy.

With each brewery featuring multiple flavours and styles to choose from, I was both surprised and delighted to find beers to enjoy next time I’m at the pub. Varieties included:
Clare Valley Brewing Co Red Ale: A beer I can actually drink, with flavours like burnt caramel to balance out a slight bitterness.
James Squire: My old faithful that washed out the bitter taste of any beers I didn’t quite like!
White Rabbit: A flavoursome range of Ales without a bitter aftertaste.

Stronger flavours for those hardcore beer lovers included Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Ale and Brookvale Union Ginger Beer.

Throughout the day, we enjoyed beer, cheeseburgers and entertainment by DJ Smiley. Workshops and masterclasses were also available, providing a wonderful ‘community feel’ to the event. It is easy to see how the event has been running successfully for 11 years, and could only get better in years to come.

Words and Photos by Olivia Henry

WHERE: 150 Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton

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