Antica Pizzeria E Cucina – Caputo Flour Masterclass

Yesterday we attended Antica Pizzeria for the 2016 World Pizza Champion, Andrea Cozzolino’s Master Class. Using Caputo Flour, he showed us how to make a traditional Napoli pizza base as well as wholegrain and gluten free bases.

His pizzas were simplistic but packed with flavour! The texture of his Napoli pizza was perfect; chewy and crispy simultaneously. The fact that he made a gluten free pizza base with a very similar texture and flavour is fantastic for those in need of an alternative to gluten! You wouldn’t consider it was any different if you weren’t told.

Before the masterclass we were graced with a buffet of freshly shaved prosciutto, newly baked bread and some delicious Italian pastries, all supplied by Basile Imports. It was a fabulous and entertaining event hosted at the Antica city store.

I’ve attempted to perfect the Napoli pizza base in recent months in my wood oven at home. I never quite get it right though, so I’m thrilled to have a proper recipe (the worlds best pizza recipe in fact) to try out. If you want to try your hand at it, the recipe is as follows:

650L lukewarm water (approximately 50 degrees Celsius)
1kg Caputo “00” Pizzeria Flour
20g fine sea salt
2g dried yeast
1 tin tomatoes, crushed by hand
20g salt
Fiore Di Latte
100% Italian extra virgin olive oil

1. Add to a mixer, in this order, the water, yeast and 1/3 of the flour
2. Mix on a low speed for 5 minutes
3. Add another third of the flour and continue mixing for 5 more minutes
4. Add the remaining flour followed by the salt and continue mixing for 5-10 more minutes
5. Shape into 250g balls (Should make about 6 balls) and let these rise for 8-24 hours at room temperature
6. When they’re ready to cook, stretch them out and add a simple sauce of tomato and salt. Top with basil, prosciutto and Fiore di latte and drizzle with olive oil
7. Ideally you would cook the pizza for just 90 seconds at 460 degrees Celsius. You could also use your normal oven at 250 degrees Celsius for about 10-15 minutes, but make sure you keep an eye on it to make sure if doesn’t over cook!

Thank you so much to Andrea Cozzolino for your insightful master class, Antica Pizzeria and Basile Imports for the delicious food, and Neon Moose for hosting another great event.


Words and Photos by Indy Salerno

WHERE: 226 Morphett St, Adelaide

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