2KW Bar and Restaurant – Winter Cocktail and Menu Launch 2017

Tonight we have been invited to 2KW Bar and Restaurant, 8 floors above ground on the corner of King William Street and North Terrace for a media event launch of their new cocktails and seasonal dishes.

The main attraction of the night is evidently the beautiful setup of the new cocktails, on display with the many ingredients that go into making these delicious quenchers. Each cocktail appears to have very distinct component to the last, and if they taste as good as they look, we were in for a sensational treat.

The Bon Scott was endearingly named after, of course, the legendary ACDC’s original front man who was full of life and knew how to ‘get the party started’. The warm beverage is made with whiskey, apple, spiced syrup and butter. We did not try this although we would imagine this to be a calming and comforting cocktail that would make for a perfect for a cold winter’s night.

The Ladies Who Lunch is a playful combination of gin, sherry, rhubarb and Beerenberg plum jam in a martini glass. The sweetness of the sherry and plum jam, and the tartness of the rhubarb makes for a lovely and easy to drink cocktail that we really enjoyed. I could personally see this being my new favourite ‘go-to’ cocktail here!

Next, is Donny’s Pink Pants, made with Raicilla, pomegranate, strawberry and lime. The cocktail, named after the old Don Dunstan’s sartorial pink shorts moment at the Parliament House – is a fruity, zesty and sharp (from the pomegranate) tasting concoction that makes you feel all happy and tingly on the inside with every sip.

Last is the Vencermos #2. ‘Summer meets winter’ in this refreshing mix of coconut rum, agave, pineapple and sesame garnished with a cucumber slice. The coconut rum, agave and pineapple gives the drink a tropical feel, and the flavour from the sesame is noticable but not overpowering, lifting it with a slight earthy taste.

To welcome in the few cold months to come, 2KW have also come up with a few winter warmers. A lot of thought has been put into creating these hearty dishes.

The first dish we try is composed of cream corn polenta, speck, mushroom and chestnut. The polenta has been pureed into a silky and creamy consistency, which has been so well-complimented by the saltiness of the speck and the earthiness of the mushroom and chestnut.

The next dish is Basa Gede blood sausage with cauliflower and herb sauce. The sausage is salty and  has an unexpectedly strong taste of ginger. It is firm yet crumbly in texture, and the cauliflower is crunchy on the outside and soft to the bite on the inside. The herb sauce is slightly tangy and binds the entire dish together.

One to graze at is the charcuterie with roasted Jerusalem artichoke puree, lemon gel, walnut and quince. The ingredients are assembled beautifully on a wooden board and would be a perfect starter to share. The thin slices of charcuterie are salty from the curing process, the roast artichoke puree smooth and creamy to the tastebuds and the quince sweet and surprising. The lemon gel is zestful and gives the platter a soft, fresh twist, and the walnut adds texture to the creation with its crunchiness.

It was a pleasant and enjoyable evening at 2KW and we were charmed by the new cocktails, each with their own bold and distinct character, as well as the hearty and tasteful dishes to make the cold winter nights to come a little bit better. Special thanks go out to Sassafras PR for hosting another magnificent event.

Words by Yasmine Yusuri

WHERE: 2 King William St, Adelaide

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