Salvation Army – Donut Day

Today was the 10th anniversary of the Salvation Army’s Donut Day, part of their Red Shield Appeal. What’s donut day you may ask? Basically it’s a day where a bunch of Adelaide media come together, including radio and television hosts, food and fashion bloggers and other Adelaide Celebrities to battle it out to decorate the best looking consortium of donuts.

Our team, avidly named Agents of Shield, naturally created the Salvo’s shield logo… or what loosely resembled a shield. If you hadn’t heard our back-story you may just assume it to be some strategically placed donuts covered in red icing, jelly babies, freckles and sprinkles. We may not have won the competition, judged by My Kitchen Rules contestants Tim and Kyle, however we were winners at heart.

The Salvation Army continue to support the less fortunate people of Australia, including the homeless, those with financial troubles, battling mental illness or addiction and anyone in need of help. There’s plenty of ways to get involved and help this worthy cause from donating money or giving your clothes to the Salvo’s stores (if you’re like me you’ve been driving around with a bag full of clothes in the back of your car for weeks, meaning to drop them off every time you leave the house).

Head to to see how you can get involved!

Words by Indy Salerno



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