Arkaba Hotel – Mollydooker Wine Dinner

Last week, Molllydooker Wines combined with the Arkaba Hotel to deliver a five course wine dinner showcasing Mollydooker‘s stunning collection of red wines. Adelaide Food Central was lucky to be invited to attend the wonderful event.

Starting the evening with a glass of NV Girl on the Go Sparkling Verdelho we are greeted by Luke of Mollydooker team with a left handed shake, Mollydooker after all is about being a lefty. A starter canapé of Pear, Prosciutto and Honey tart with Aged Gouda was an ideal accompaniment to the wine and a perfect start to the meal that was to come.

On moving into the dining room we are seated at elegant round tables with placemats that tell of the wine journey ahead of us. Before dinner we are introduced to the famous Mollydooker shake; a process unique to the Mollydooker wines in which sulphites are replaced with nitrogen. Shaking the bottle prior to opening it releases the nitrogen allowing the wine to achieve its full flavour.

An imposing 4 glasses sat on the table ready for the first course; Pressed Lamb with pumpkin, potato and sage mash, minted peas and onion yoghurt. We start the journey though the 4 red wines; The Scooter Merlot, The Maitre D’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Two Left Feet Shiraz/Cabernet/Merlot, and The Boxer Shiraz. We enjoyed the increase in depth and intensity as we followed the order designated on the placemat.

Next up is a slow cooked 12 Hour Beef Cheek with carrot and anise puree, potato gratin and vincotto jus. Here we step up to higher level wines in the Gigglepot Cabernet Sauvignon and the Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz perfectly complementing the fall apart, tender beef.

A Sous Vide Duck Leg on truffled polenta and with pomegranate molasses and crispy kale is our next treat and it is paired with Mollydooker’s premium wines The Enchanted Path and Carnival of Love.

We finish of the superb night with a Baked Brie, House Made Quince Paste and Lavosh, everyone happily sipping on their wine between bites of oozing melted cheese.

What a way to get to know a winery and its products. To not only taste a range of wines but experience their pairing with superb food. The food was not only delicious but importantly it matched the wines on each flight. This was the fourth dinner that Mollydooker has held with the Arkaba and it’s safe to say they have perfected the experience. The timing and flow of the evening was flawless, wines poured just before meals that arrived with a ceremonial vibe.

Pauses in between courses allowed for short talks by the Mollydooker team as they provided tasting notes and a informative narratives on the winery’s history, present and future.

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank Mollydooker Wines and the Arkaba Hotel for a sensational night of magnificent food and wine which was enjoyed in great company.

Words and Photos by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE: 150 Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton


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