Playhouse Events

There’s nothing like sharing food between family and friends to bring people together. That’s what Playhouse Events owner, Sharee Morley, learnt from a very young age. “These days with all the social media and technology around us, the bond between people and food is slowly dwindling” says Sharee.

Known by her friends as the “Platter Queen”, Sharee is the “go to” person when it comes to creating delicious, good looking platters. With a constant demand for her skills, she saw a niche in the market and went with it. As orders began to grow, it was time to start Playhouse Events.

Sharee will tailor the platters to what the customer wants and this includes all dietary requirements. Most people will just repeat the produce on each platter but Sharee will go with what’s in season and available on the day to make each platter unique in every way. With fresh, local produce straight from the Adelaide Central Markets and around South Australia, you can be assured you’re getting the very best.

We happen to experience some of Sharee’s platters at a recent birthday party and we were blown away by the presentation and quality of the food. We can’t recommend Playhouse Events highly enough. Of course, Sharee’s talents aren’t just limited to platters. She also has experience styling events for any occasion!

Playhouse Events can be contacted via their Facebook page, Instagram or email at


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