Cibo – New Winter Menu – May 2017

Last night was the launch of Cibo Espresso‘s new winter menu. Adelaide Food Central was invited to O’Connell Street to enjoy the newest creations hitting stores today. The menu saw the return of many of our old favourites, some with a new twist as well as completely new conceptions. Since 2000, Cibo has allowed Adelaide to experience coffee and food the Italian way. Now, it is a country-wide renowned phenomenon.

While Cibo’s coffee may be the go to for many of their consumers, the focus was taken away from that for the night and it was all about food food food. They instead chose to showcase the local suppliers that contribute to the delicious treats that were on offer. Among those featured were Beerenberg, Kangaroo Paw and Barossa Fine Foods.

But enough about that, let’s talk about what we had to eat. The spread they had on offer not only looked amazing, it tasted just as good. This year they’ve decided to spice up the Foccacia di Pollo (one of my all time favourites) by adding egg and pancetta. I was sceptical at first, why mess with such a marvellous creation as it was?! But I was pleasantly surprised at the new additions (I may actually like it better than the original).

Other new menu items included the Pane di Formaggio Parmigiano, which is actually made of the offcuts from croissants. This was a type of pastry twist filled with cheese, contributing to less wastage on food (which I love). New Piadinas were added to the menu as well as other Foccacias including roast beef and pancetta. But my favourite savoury addition was their Deep Pan Pizza. Omg I can’t wait to pick some of these up in store, they were so tasty! The pizza base was cooked to a soft perfection and topped with calabrese, prosciutto and mushroom and chicken and pesto. My mouth is watering just thinking back on it.

Onto the sweets, this is where it gets really interesting. We saw the return of the Bombolini, but with new flavours of milk chocolate and orange blossom as well as a lamington inspired one. And of course we couldn’t go past the salted caramel. Sicilian and classic Cannoli were on offer, as well as individual cheesecakes and pane au chocolat. The cakes were absolutely gorgeous, including a chocolate and salted caramel torte, apple crumble tea cake, hummingbird and the piece de resistance; Mascarpone Cheesecake. Words can’t describe how delicious this cheesecake was, you’ll just have to take my word for it or try it for yourself (seriously, do it, it’s amazing).

We ended the night with the cutest little Neapolitan cupcakes and were lucky enough to take home some goodie bags paying homage to Cibo‘s aforementioned suppliers. Of course we couldn’t leave without a coffee, which was brewed to perfection as per usual.

Thank you so much Cibo Espresso and Grays PR for the fabulous evening. Not only was the food amazing, so was the company and atmosphere on the night. Ya’ll know how to throw a soiree!

Words and Images by Indiah Salerno


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