Red Ochre – Festival of Food 2017

Apart from the cafe below, Red Ochre is the only restaurant that boasts magnificent views of the Torrens River. Assuming the penthouse position, Red Ochre was the one of the first restaurants in Adelaide to incorporate native Australian ingredients in their menu. Their dishes are unique and make great use of bush herbs, fruits and spices. For us, Red Ochre ticks the right boxes and has always been the “go to” restaurant for that special occasion. Of course with Festival of Food now running, it’s always a great excuse to visit.

Festival of Food customers will get the Entree Tasting Plate. The top is the Cinnamon Myrtle and Thai Spiced Pumpkin Soup. A smooth and creamy soup that had a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. In the middle is the Beetroot and Pepperberry Sauerkraut on dark rye with wattleseed mustard and kangaroo kransky. This is like an Australian inspired snack with German origins. The contrast in flavours makes it work; the sourness of the sauerkraut, the sharpness of the mustard and savoury nature of the kransky. At the bottom is the Snapper Croquette with bush tomato romesco. The croquette is crumbed and fried to a light golden brown. The fish filling is soft and delicate, and matches perfectly with the spicy romesco sauce.

The first of the mains is the Clay Pot Duck slow braised in an aromatic soy, anise, myrtle, orange and chilli broth, soba noodles, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, hoisin, quandong and bean shoot salad. With the exception of the myrtle and quandong, this is an Asian inspired dish. The duck was soft and delicate with meat simply falling off the bone. The Asian flavours really shine through this dish and make it perfect for a cold winter night.

The dish for the pescatarians is the Market Fish with spiced pearl cous cous, cauliflower puree, chermoula and dessert lime gel. The fish is cooked to perfection; crispy skin on one side, and the flesh soft and delicate underneath. The pearl cous cous has a subtle spiciness which works well with the exotic and aromatic flavours of the chermoula.

For those that like a bit of heat, we recommend the Wattleseed Gnocchi with cherry tomatoes, warrigal, tomato rose chilli sauce and parmesan crumb. The gnocchi is cooked perfectly; soft, fluffy and pillowy in texture. The tomato based chilli sauce really packs some heat so make sure you have water nearby. The parmesan crumb is divine and should be sold seperately.

Meat lovers will enjoy the Black Angus Beef with green peppercorn sauce, native thyme parsnips, roasted shallots and watercress salad. The beef fillet was perfectly cooked; nice and charred on the outside, and pink in the centre. The crunchiness of the parnsips and shallots work well with the crisp watercress, while the spiciness of the sauce brings all the elements together.

Last but not least was the Char-grilled Kangaroo Sirloin with black barley, roasted beetroots, pear and riberry chutney. Again, the kangaroo was cooked to perfection. It was nicely charred on the outside while light and pink in the centre. The black barley was firm with a nutty taste, and was balanced by the sweetness of the beetroot, pear and chutney.

Festival of Food 2017 is available at Red Ochre for dinner from Monday to Thursday for $36.50, and Friday dinner for $42.50.

Look out for the Festival of Food pamphlet in your letterbox or simply download the app to take advantage of this and other offers.

WHERE: War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide


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