Chocolatree – New Menu Launch – April 2017

Today, Adelaide Food Central has been invited to try some of the new items on the menu at Chocolatree, located on O’Connell Street in North Adelaide. Chocolatree is one of the go to names that easily come up when anyone works up an appetite for an indulgent sweet treat. Although best known for their enticing range of waffles, crepes, delectable dessert creations, and all things chocolate, they also have a selection of savoury all day brunch dishes, so undoubtedly we were excited for what was ahead of us.

The first dish we try from the All Day Brunch menu is the Chicken and Bacon Waffle – A golden toasted waffle stuffed with bacon bits sits nicely in the middle of the plate, topped with melted cheese and shredded chicken. This is served with corn and a side of sour cream for dipping, with barbecue sauce drizzled over the plate which gives the dish a surprising balance in flavours with the creaminess of the sour cream and the sweetness in the barbecue sauce that compliments the saltiness of the bacon and cheese. It almost feels like a Mexican take on waffles which overall makes it a wholesome and unique dish, with ingredients that you would not conventionally expect to find on your waffles.

The second variation of another savoury waffle we taste is the Breakfast Savoury Waffle. This one is similar to the first, except it is a simpler version with the same toasted waffle stuffed with bacon bits and cheddar cheese and covered in melted cheese. It would be the perfect thing to order as a light meal before venturing on to the sweets.

Our dessert journey kicks off with a sweet variation of waffle, the Cookies & Cream Waffle. This comes from a list of nine other dessert Belgian Waffle options available, with toppings ranging from different combinations of fresh strawberries and banana, ice cream, marshmallows and warm chocolate. The toasted waffle is covered in crushed Oreos, warm chocolate, milk & white chocolate callets and served with cookies ice cream. The waffle is golden and crisp on the outside, and light and soft on the inside. The gooey, rich, warm chocolate makes for an ideal companion to the waffle, with the added compliment of crunchy milk & white chocolate callets, and the sweet & creamy cookie ice cream to bind the entire dessert together very charmingly.

Up next is the Banana Hazelnut Waffle. The toasted Belgian waffle is cut in bite-sized pieces and covered in slices of fresh banana and hazelnut chocolate, topped with generous scoops of vanilla ice cream. Tasting this, it feels like it is missing an element, perhaps a serve of warm chocolate, being one to devour anything swimming in chocolate. Nonetheless this is a simple and classic waffle option that I can see as something being shared, or for someone who may want to steer clear of a chocolate overload.

We start to try the first of a few new dessert creations, the Pash Rash, a vibrant showcase of colours around a passionfruit curd dome, vanilla crumble, raspberry coulis, passionfruit jelly, white chocolate curls and whipped cream cheese. The first cut through the passionfruit dome reveals a soft and silky center, and upon tasting this with a bit of everything else on the plate, it reminds me of a deconstructed passionfruit cheesecake. Although there are many elements of flavours and textures to this dessert, the passionfruit still manages to shine as the star of the dish and it is no wonder why this is the most popular dessert, according to new owner Gavin.

The next one we try is coincidentally the second most popular dessert –  the Notorious (Nuts n Oreos). What stands before us is a decadent hazelnut and Nutella cheesecake slice covered in a blanket of crushed oreos and milk chocolate drizzle, served with cookie ice cream. The cheesecake is velvety in consistency, with the perfect amount of Nutella and cream cheese on a crunchy Oreo base. The creamy cookie ice cream is a smooth addition to the medley of textures, creating a rich combination of everything chocolatey and indulgent on a plate, sure to make any chocolate lover swoon. This may be the second most popular dessert on the menu but was definitely my pick for favourite!

Still buzzing from the pleasure and excitement from the Notorious, we move on to Sweet & Sticky (it’s a date). If you haven’t already guessed from its playful name, this is a homemade lightly sweet & spicy date pudding, covered in dulche de leche and served with a side of vanilla bean ice cream on a bed of cinnamon crumble. The pudding is soft, spongey and moist with bits of dates in every bite and the dulche de leche, a thick yet spreadable golden caramel, is glossy, rich and sweet. A sticky date pudding would not necessarily jump out to me on a dessert menu but I must say, the dulche de leche turned this one into an unexpectedly luxurious treat.

This next one is deserving of a disclaimer, being that it is not for the faint-hearted. The Sweet Slice of Italy is a divine party of all things sinful. Made to share, a classic 9″ pizza is ornately decorated with Nutella, toasted mashmallows, fresh bananas and strawberries and caramelised coconut and vanilla ice cream. The layer of Nutella is spread generously on a soft & light pizza base without overpowering its toppings – which left very little of the surface uncovered. Centered by a giant scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream, the toasted marshmallows are gooey, and the bananas and strawberries add a fresh component into the mix. Not only is this an exciting assortment of textures and flavours all put together, the aesthetically pleasing creation makes for an ‘insta-worthy’ photo!

The final dessert we try is the Anzac Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich. Classic vanilla ice cream and sweet hazelnut chocolate is sandwiched between two crunchy, golden Anzac cookies. If this is one that you’ll like you’ll have to rush in to try one as it will only be available for a limited time!

As we verge on the end of our indulgent tasting session, we refresh ourselves with some smoothies. The Pine Mango is a concoction of pineapple, mango, vanilla ice cream, coconut milk and ice. It is a fruity and creamy blend of flavours which I enjoyed and the milk served as an excellent palate cleanser. The Raspberry Mango combines raspberries, mango, apple juice, a twist of lime and hint of mint to create a slightly more citrusy and refreshing drink without the creaminess.

Chocolatree is open all week, from 10am to 11pm Monday to Thursday and Sunday, and 10am to 12 midnight on Friday and Saturday.  We would like to thank Gavin and the team at Chocolatree for inviting us to try their exciting new creations on the menu.

Words by Yasmine Yusuri

WHERE: 25 O’Connell St, North Adelaide


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