The Propoganda Club – Aperitivo Time

The Propaganda Club are introducing Aperitivo Time; a time to socialise, relax and mingle with friends while preparing one’s body for dinner. In line with this sentiment a selection of aperitif style cocktails and wines with complimentary nibbles are on offer daily until 7pm.

The cocktails will change on a regular basis, making the most of seasonal and local produce. On this occasion the three cocktails on offer were a Fig & Tonic, Cider Spritz and Nectarine Cobbler.

The Nectarine Cobbler blends nectarine with sherry and mint. The cocktail has a dry finish on the palate despite its fruity focus. Poured over crushed ice I noted faint tropical notes and buttery undertones. A notable lack of sweetness makes this an enjoyable bold and masculine drink.

The Cider Spritz combines cider, white wine and strawberry with Okar; a locally produced Campari style liquor. Light and sweet strawberry notes play against the traditional bitter flavours of the aperitif. A perfect pre-dinner drink that prepares the palate for further drinks and food.

Fig & Tonic is an elaborate twist on the faithful G&T, combining and earthy fig infused gin with tonic and garnishing with a basil leaf. A divine blush colour this refreshing has medicinal notes similar to a maraschino drink.

As part of Aperitivo Time, The Propaganda Club are offering complimentary nibbles with the purchase of an Aperitivo Cocktail or Wine. We enjoyed crunchy croutons with two different toppings. One was a classic combination of goat cheese, tomato and basil. The goat’s cheese is creamy and generous on the toast, the fresh tomato and torn basil leaf completes the little bite.

A second crouton topped with smoked beef, white anchovy paste and freshly shaved truffle parmesan, so pungent I could follow the truffle aroma with my nose as the plates worked their way around the room. So delicious – I could not get enough of these.

If all that isn’t enough to entice you to Aperitivo Time, here’s one more reason: The wonderful people from gourmet store Bottega Rotolo are sending representatives each Friday for various tastings. On this occasion we sampled a selection of Prosecco, accompanied by our wine experts enthusiastic tasting notes and introduction of each particular wine. Expect a showcase of various wine themes that will change each week. I heard a whisper about a mulled wine tasting closer to winter – cannot miss out on that!!

We already know the opulent basement restaurant/bar is a great spot for dinner, late night supper and cocktails and now we have another reason to visit!

The Propaganda Club’s Aperitivo Time is held daily until 7pm.

Words by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE: 110 Grenfell St, Adelaide


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