Sean’s Kitchen – Crab Carnival

Today Adelaide Food Central was thrilled to dine at Sean’s Kitchen for their Crab Carnival. To celebrate the crustacean, Sean’s offering a 9-item menu dedicated entirely to the crab. It was lovely to see such a mixture of crab including blue swimmer, spanner, snow and king crab throughout the menu.

We began our journey with the Crab Donut Holes. I know what you’re thinking, I had the same thought, donuts and crab? Oddly enough, the two made for a great combination, in the form of a ‘donut slider’ filled with blue crab meat and mayo. It’s always nice to try something different and these definitely delivered.

My favourite dish was the Crab Po Boy. These included fried soft shell crab in a brioche roll with a ‘green goddess’ dressing. I’m very partial to soft shell crab and unsurprisingly my expectations were not let down. The sweetness of the brioche balanced out the strong flavours from the goddess dressing (which definitely lives up to its name) and complimented the crunchy crab.

The King Crab Mac and Cheese was up next. If you haven’t tried Sean’s Mac and Cheese, you have not lived. And who would have thought it could get better? The addition of crab to the three cheese macaroni was enjoyable; adding another delicious element, which I didn’t think was possible. Once you crack through the crispy top layer of grilled cheeses and crab, you get to the piece de resistance of creamy, luxurious macaroni and cheese sauce. Honestly, my words don’t do it justice, so please do yourself a favour and go try it for yourself.

We then moved on to the Dressed Spanner Crab. I was a fan of the way the crab was ‘dressed’, having been bought out with the meat presented in it’s shell. The dish included a celeriac remoulade with a mixture of crème fraiche and chives. This served as a great palate cleanser as it was refreshing to eat after the heaviness of the mac and cheese.

Our final dish was a Chilli Crab Linguine, which had a sauce of snow crab, parsley, mint, chilli, lemon and tomato. I really enjoyed the subtle heat in this dish from the chilli, which was complimented perfectly with the bursting flavour of mint. It was beautifully simple, which was a great way to showcase the snow crab.

An honourable mention must go to the dedicated crabby cocktails the Crab Apple Sangria and Crabby Mary. The sangria was a concoction of white wine, calvados, peaches and apple. I’m not huge on alcoholic drinks but this was honestly delicious. The subtle flavours balanced so well together, and I didn’t taste overwhelming amounts of alcohol, which is what I deem a decent cocktail! However, the Bloody Mary was probably the star of the show. I personally don’t enjoy Bloody Marys, but Sean’s was a thick and spicy take on a traditional one, which I can imagine any lover of the Bloody Mary would enjoy. The best thing about this drink was the King Crab leg that accompanied it. At the end of our meal (yes unfortunately it had to end but don’t worry we got dessert too) we discovered the crab leg was full of meat. It was so sweet and flavourful, just what you look for when eating crab. This is definitely worth trying, especially if you’re a bloody Mary fan. If not, you can’t go past the Crab Apple Sangria.

Sean’s, you did the crab justice! There are some absolute masterpieces coming out of that kitchen and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next! The Crab Carnival started on the 21st of March and finishes on the 16th of April. If you have a chance, head down there to see what all the hullabaloo is about!

Words by Indiah Salerno

WHERE: Adelaide Casino, North Terrace, Adelaide

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