Burger Republic – Hyde Park – New Menu March 2017

With a quirky and organic mix of new renovations and classic features, Burger Republic Hyde Park has a new chef serving up a new menu, and Adelaide Food Central was lucky to once again visit the thriving spot on the lovely King William Road.

From a framed mugshot of Frank Sinatra on the photo wall, to the uniqueness and colours of the tessellated tiles, the vibe is a little retro and a lot relaxed. With a warm welcome and generous hospitality from the lovely owner and his staff, we got stuck into a mountain of menu.

We started with the obvious choice; a burger. To be specific, the Tropical Burger, with a chargrilled beef patty, cheese, bacon, grilled pineapple, lettuce, tomato and an intriguing ‘3M sauce’. Burger Republic can definitely pride themselves on the char cook of their beef, the flavour prominent and distinct, but pleasant and easy to eat. Combined with the usual melty cheese, the sweetness of the pineapple against the saltiness of the bacon and freshness of the lettuce and tomato, all the elements come together in a wonderfully balanced way.

Next we had the Chili Cheese Fries; though it’s considered a ‘side’, this could be a meal in itself! With a generous serve of fries topped with chili con carne, Mexican cheese and ranch sauce, this was one of my faves. The chili con carne is well spiced and the Mexican cheese is sharp, so the creaminess of the ranch sauce on top is the perfect compliment.

From the same family of sides, we then tried the Porky Pig Fries. A bed of the same delicious fries layered beneath pulled pork, Mexican cheese, and the chef’s own bbq sauce. This special sauce is the star, dominant in flavour with a great kick, but balancing well with the gentle flavour of the pulled pork.

It’s certainly not just about the burgers and fries here, and the proof is in the selection of Republic fried chicken. We tried the Fried Chicken Tenders – brined, marinated in buttermilk and coated with a traditional southern style seasoned flour and fried to golden perfection. If the retro effective presentation isn’t enough, it’s no exaggeration when I say this is some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever tried! The chicken is something you just have to experience for yourself, it is so tender, true to the name, and just pulls apart with little to no effort. The coating is in no way overpowering but rather praises the chicken, with a great amount of seasoning and crunch.

For a mid-tasting veggie break we chowed into the Charred Corn with chipotle butter, and wow! So well cooked and juicy, with an amazing buttery garlic flavour that you could smell before you even tasted, these guys know their corn. The chipotle butter added a great lift, and whether the wedge of lime was intended for use or not, I gave it a squeeze over and I now have a new favourite way of eating corn on the cob.

Next we had the Mac N Cheese Balls; with a thick and crunchy coating and topped and filled with cheese, how can you go wrong? Melting cheese on the inside and well cooked macaroni, these are a side to try (if you can make the room).

Burger Republic also has an extensive range of hot dogs! All filled with a New York style grilled beef frankfurter and served on a soft brioche hot dog roll. We tried the French Onion, with bacon, cheese, caramelised onion and dijionaise. It’s a loaded and rich combination of flavour, with the sweetness of the caramelised onion and salty bacon, while the dijonaise cuts through with a tang.

Lastly, we cleansed on the Mexican Salad Bowl – we chose the chili con carne, including lettuce, pico de gallo, charred sweet corn kernels, black beans, Mexican blended cheese, pickled jalapenos, chipotle cream, and a squeeze of fresh lime for good measure. There was a great heat to the chili con carne, balancing well with the freshness of the salad and vegetables. The versatility of this salad is the most appealing, with a great choice of proteins. From beef patty, to those amazing fried chicken tenders, pulled pork, or the vegetarian friendly haloumi or crumbed mushroom, it’s a fit for all.

There was a risk in filling past our limits, but after the promise of some of the best milkshakes in town, how do you resist? There’s a selection of flavours to tantalise any shake loving tastebuds! I went for the banana, and the mix is so creamy and decadent that the risk was well worth it.

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank Paolo and his team at Burger Republic Hyde Park for their kind hospitality.

Words by Marie Fiorita

WHERE: 110 King William Rd, Hyde Park


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