Adelaide Fringe 2017 – Betty Grumble – Sex Clown Saves The World

Honestly, how can you ever get enough of the Adelaide Fringe! Adelaide Food Central was kindly invited by Eventalaide to review the fringe show Betty Grumble: Sex Clown Saves The World, and what an amazing show from beginning to end.

You are transported to the extravagant and crazy world of Betty Grumble, incorporating burlesque, comedy and an underlying political message, its hard to keep your eyes off. At times confronting as ‘Betty’ does not tip toe around some confronting messages but does so in a very entertaining and sometimes gob smacking way.

The show was truly a work of art in every sense of the word, and the messages Betty aims to get across really highlight some of the big issues in our world today. As Betty digs through all her “garbage” on stage for her following act, you never know whats coming next and thats what makes it that more surprising and hilarious.

It’s over the top, hilarious, confronting, crazy, surprising, but overall a breathtaking show of true artistry and political message. I would highly recommend seeing this fantastic show, but be warned, you’re going to see more than you paid for.

Words and Photos by Kiara Peressin


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