Adelaide Fringe 2017 – Cooking Class with James Liotta & Nonna Vicky

As you walk down the laneway of Carlton Street, you will stumble upon the sounds of clinking cocktail glasses, laughter and chatter and the distant resonances of an accordion in the distance. Eager to return to Aperitivo Ora, Adelaide Food Central was honoured to attend the Italian Comedy Show: Cooking Class with James Liotta & Nonna Vicki.

The pop up bar was lit with the soft glow of fairy lights as people begun to take their seats in preparation for the show. Women danced on stage with tambourines as they waited for James to take the stage, with the crowd laughing and clapping along to the music.

Our MC, Rocky, invited us to strap on our seatbelts as we took off on a journey to Italia. Taking a personable approach to his audience, James tailored his jokes and stories to suit the audience’s homelands across Italy and the world. Inviting guests to dance in hilarious costumes on stage, yelling out in joy as they related to stories, and had people falling out of their seats laughing uncontrollably.

After a brief interlude, Nonna Vicki – the head chef and master mind of the home style traditional cooking that can be enjoyed at Carmine and Co – was brought to the stage in a hilarious second act of cooking pasta and banter with James. Inviting guests on stage to roll pasta sheets, James probed Nonna into the secrets of her talented cooking; with her response being, ‘if I told you, I would have to kill you’. The crowd and performers laughed and chatted along as pasta sheet after pasta sheet was made like one big Italian family. At the end the pasta was collected into a big a vat and cooked for invited audience members to try. We were lucky enough to be one of the guests invited to the stage, and we tasted the most rich Spaghetti Polpette – three plump homemade meatballs in a Neapolitan sauce sitting on top of the freshly made pasta.

After so much fun it was sad to see that the show had come to an end, but our evening was not over at Aperitivo Ora! Many guests stayed on at the bar to enjoy the delicious cocktails offered including the Aperol Spritz and Smashed Basil Cocktail.

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank James Liotta for a hilarious show and to Nonna Vicki for sharing with us some of your stories and cooking secrets. As well we must thank Anthony and the family for another wonderful and exclusive evening at Aperitivo Ora.

Aperitivo Ora is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from the 17th of February to the 19th of March (6:30pm-1:00am).

Words and Images by James McArthur

WHERE: 49 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide (enter via Carlton St)


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