Flaming Delight

Opening recently down the southern end of the city is the brand new Chinese restaurant Flaming Delights. Located on the prime corner position of King William and Gilles Streets, this restaurant serves up hawker food by day and hot pots at night. The lunch menu is short and sweet with selection of three entrees and ten mains. We were surprised however, that two of the mains we wanted were not available.

We started with the Fried Chicken Wings which comes as a serve of four wingettes. The wings were crunchy and the meat was juicy and succulent. We detected flavours of five spice and subtle hints of curry powder. There were also undertones of sourness which did detract from the dish.


The Stir Fried Hor Fun with Beef was a disaster. The beef slices were tender but tasteless, and the noodles were nicely browned but under seasoned. The entire dish was very oily and bland at best.


The Honey Lemon Chicken was thickly coated piece of chicken thigh fillet soaked in a water down honey lemon sauce. The chicken was juicy and succulent, but the ratio of batter to meat was way too high.


The staff were friendly and the service was good. The restaurant is a large open space, and with few people in there at the time, the atmosphere was very relaxing. The price of a meal for the lunchtime menu averages $11 which is ideal for the corporate worker who doesn’t have much time but wants a quick bite. Unfortunately, it’s not the best quality food you’ll find.

WHERE: 408 King William St, Adelaide



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