PorkStar 2017

Over one hundred of Adelaide’s top chefs gathered at the Hennessy Rooftop Bar of the Mayfair Hotel last night for the 12th PorkStar event hosted by Australian Pork Limited.


The annual event provides opportunities for chefs to showcase the best dishes pork has to offer, and encourages experimentation and innovation in the way pork is used. This year, it was executive chef Bethany Finn’s time to shine, as she served an array of small dishes to her eager guests.


This event marks Finn’s third time participating in PorkStar events. This year, Finn celebrated the versatility of Berkshire pork with a 70’s and 80’s-inspired menu including an array of cold, hot and sweet items to tickle anyone’s tastebuds. Finn utilised a huge range of techniques to produce mouth-watering pork pies with cherry relish, pork wellington, and even desserts such as bacon macarons, ice cream and brownies.



Cocktails lovers were not disappointed, with maple-infused bacon Bloody Mary and bacon whiskey floating around the room all night. And for those who begun to experience pork fatigue, a range of wines were kindly provided by Penley Estate, as well as beer from Two Birds Brewing and water from Aquabotanical. After a wine and a few pickles, it was easy to jump straight back into the delicious crackling and juicy glazed pork without thinking twice. The food, the pairings and the wonderful view made for a perfect evening. With this in mind, it is unsurprising that more people are eating pork now than ever before in history.

Words and Photos by Olivia Henry


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