Lord of the Fries – Adelaide

The story of the Lord of the Fries began back in 2004 where a couple were brought together by their love of fries. Sick of all the heavily processed fries that were out there, they had their own idea on the perfect french fry. Like some eateries in Adelaide, the business started off as a food truck, and it wasn’t until late 2005 that they had their first physical site. Fast forward to 2017 and they’ve got 15 stores across the country and are about to open their first one in Adelaide.

When you think of burgers, you naturally think the burgers contain meat. Not so at Lord of the Fries. Everything on the menu is either vegetarian or vegan. That means it’s healthy! There are six burgers to choose from, three hot dogs and ten sides. Lord of the Fries are also known for their amazing sauces and there are thirteen to choose from. You can either have the sauces separately or smothered on top of your side.

Today, I started off with the Original Burger which has cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, mustard, tomato sauce and a vegetarian beef patty. With the exception of the patty, it has all the elements of a classic meat burger. It’s not the best looking burger I’ve seen but it sure tastes good. It had a thinly crumbed vegetable patty that was well seasoned. The sauces were appropriately applied and the pickles gave it a nice sourness which really made the burger.


Who doesn’t love Onion Rings? These were lightly crumbed to a nice golden brown. The individual onion rings were soft and moist on the inside, while crispy on the exterior.


The Chunky Fries were also good. Equivalent to your steak cut chips, these were fried a lovely golden brown. Perfect on their own, or with one of their amazing dipping sauces or deluxe toppings.


Lord of the Fries is the healthier alternative to many of the other fast food options out there and it certainly won’t break the bank. The larger sized burgers are around the $9-$10 mark while the sides vary from $4-$7 depending on which size you get. Lord of Fries Hindley Street will initially have regulated hours, but once they find their feet, they’ll be open everyday. Fast food never tasted so good!

WHERE: 23A Hindley St, Adelaide


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