Tasting Australia 2017 – Marco Pierre White Italian Feast

Marco Pierre White, the iconic chef, is joining Tasting Australia 2017 – and you’re invited to join him at the table for an Italian feast.

A highlight of his first visit to South Australia will be preparing and enjoying a “family” din-ner, hosted by the award-winning team from FINO at Seppeltsfield in the Barossa.

FINO Italian Feast with Marco Pierre White will be a nostalgic event set among the heritage-listed estate celebrating Marco’s Mediterranean ancestry on Sunday 30 April.

Marco, who recently announced as the host of Network Seven’s new Hell’s Kitchen Australia, will be cooking alongside Mitch Orr (ACME, Sydney), Jock Zonfrillo (Restaurant Orana, Ade-laide), David Swain (FINO at Seppeltsfield), Owen Andrews (Seppeltsfield Wine Estate) and Matteo Carboni (Casa Carboni, Barossa) for the convivial, Italian sharing-style event.

Additional events featuring the revered culinary identity will be announced in the new year.

“I am really excited about visiting South Australia and have heard wonderful things about the food and high class wines from the regions,” Marco said.

“There is really nothing like tasting new things for yourself and I am fascinated by the diver-sity of Australia and its sheer natural beauty, so I can’t wait to see another part of it, sample some of its produce, cook with some old friends and make new ones.”

Credited with leading the UK dining scene for more than 25 years, Marco kickstarted the ca-reers of modern culinary greats including Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay.

The rock and roll star chef, who was the youngest chef in the world to achieve three Mich-elin stars – and the first British chef ever to to do so – has the highest culinary credentials and standards to match them.

Seppeltsfield has an impressive background of its own, winning the prestigious title of Best Wine Tourism Service at the Great Wine Capitals award ceremony last month (November). The Barossa venue, established in 1851, is steeped in food and wine history and will provide the backdrop for an abundant autumn feast hosted by the team from FINO at Seppeltsfield.

Combining story-telling with classic Italian flavours, the Tasting Australia event will give fans the opportunity to share all sorts of cooking tips with the “godfather of modern cooking”.

“Italians certainly know how to eat, and I can’t wait to celebrate the traditions of my own ancestors for this fantastic Tasting Australia event,” FINO co-owner and Tasting Australia ambassador Sharon Romeo said.

“Marco had better be ready to eat. Chef David (Swain) and I are passionate about Mediterranean flavours and have already started preparing a feast to end all feasts.”

Tasting Australia creative director Simon Bryant said White was well respected by chefs worldwide, while his persona and television appearances have made him a public icon.

“Marco is an inspiration to generations of chefs around the globe,” Bryant said.

“He is a perfectionist because that’s what being the best calls for. Although he comes across as a tough taskmaster, what you really see is his passion for delivering the highest quality food to every customer on every plate, every day.

“Tasting Australia will give us the chance to understand Marco’s heritage, see him outside of the usual ‘fine dining’ pomp and enjoy a real meal together.

“FINO at Seppeltsfield’s David Swain is a natural choice to collaborate with Marco on this event; his understanding of place and produce is unparalleled and his touch is deft.

“We basically have the antipodean best of the best for one night together in an iconic venue and region.”

The day prior (Saturday 29 April) Australian cooking legend Maggie Beer will be honoured with a Tribute Dinner, prepared by Beer and her protégés, at her iconic Pheasant Farm estate.

“Barossa is one of the country’s richest food and wine bowls and only 45 minutes’ drive from the heart of Adelaide,” Bryant said.

“Experience the warm Barossa hospitality for a weekend with Maggie and friends for dinner, backed up by a firey Italian feast with Marco and the team from FINO.”

Tasting Australia is the country’s pre-eminent eight-day eating and drinking festival. Visit Adelaide and the regions for nourishing food and beverage experiences 30 April to 7 May 2017.

The first allocation of tickets for FINO Italian Feast with Marco Pierre White has been exhausted, but sign up to the Tasting Australia e-newsletter to hear about future releases.

Words and Photo by South Australian Tourism Commission


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