Bing Boy – New Summer Menu

Adelaide food Central was invited to try out the new Bing Boy summer menu. For those not familiar with the Bing Boy franchise it is an Australian chain specialising in jianbing – a Chinese crepe which is a popular Chinese urban street food. The wheat omelette crepes are filled with fresh and healthy ingredients and made in view of patrons. Bing Boy also serves Bing Bowls which have similar ingredients presented without the crepe in a salad bowl, over a bed of brown rice.

The new additions to the summer menu are a Pulled Pork Bing ($9.90), Prawn and Silken Tofu Bowl ($11.90) and Mojito MyTea ($4.90).


The Pulled Pork Bing is full of luscious slow cooked pork in a sweet Japanese style sauce, accompanied by pickled carrot, red and white cabbage, baby spinach, coriander and mint. The filled crepe is served piping hot and is bursting with fresh flavours.


The Prawn and Silken Tofu bowl is a healthy serve of tofu and prawns with pickled carrot, cucumber, baby spinach, crispy wanton strips and spring onions over a generous serve of brown rice. Topped with some nori strips and a lime wedge it is paired with some satay sauce.


The Mojito MyTea of fresh peach, mint and lime with Oolong tea is refreshing. Sweetened with some agave syrup this you can taste the flavour of the tea tannins and fruit without it being overpowered by sugar.

Words by Kate Wilkinson


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