Sunny’s Pizza

Solomon Street in the city is a bit of a funny location. It’s located towards the western side of the city and can be accessed via Rosina Street, which is located between Hindley Street and Currie Street. While there are new businesses opening down this street, we imagine the foot traffic wouldn’t be that great. You either work in the area or you’re actively seeking out the businesses on this street. One of the new businesses on Solomon Street is Sunny’s Pizza which is run by 5 partners with experience in the food and beverage industry. There are 5 pizzas on the menu, all 12 inches in diameter with a price range between $18-$26. They also have a “not pizza” section which is made up of 7 shared plates or sides that are priced between $8-$14. There’s a specials section on the wall if nothing on the menu takes your fancy.

We started off with the Vitello Tonnato, a combination of veal, radish, tuna mayo, shaved pecorino and fried capers. The veal was smooth and silky, and simply melted in your mouth. The sharp taste of the pecorino was balanced by the intense flavours of the capers, while the radish slices added a nice crunchy texture. The mayo did have a hint of fishiness about it, and worked well in combining all the elements together.


The Fried Squid was served with a nduja romesco and pickled caper leaves. Squid can often be hard to cook with its various thicknesses, as was the case tonight. Some pieces were soft and delicate, while others were thick and rubbery. The nduja romesco sauce was sweet and tangy, and really complimented the dish well.


The Crispy Potatoes came in a generous serving size and visually they looked crispy. Unfortunately, they were soft and delicate, just like their insides. An adequate amount of salt was applied.


People have differing opinions on pizza and what makes a good pizza comes down to personal preference. Some people like the traditional thin style, some like a deep pan, while others want something in between. At Sunny’s Pizza, you get the traditional thin style with a thick crust. The pizzas are cooked in a wood oven, so you get a nice smokey flavour and the true taste of the ingredients.

The first pizza we had was topped with San Marzano, Pecorino, Mozzarella and Basil. We all agreed this pizza hardly anything on it. A good pizza should have an even distribution of topping on every slice. In this case, some of the slices didn’t even have basil.


Next was the SA King Prawns with Black Garlic Butter, San Marzano, Provolone, Moon Dried Tomato and Parsley. This was a tasty pizza, however the king prawns were chopped up into small pieces and unevenly distributed over the pizza. Furthermore, we felt they were once again conservative with the toppings.


The Pepperoni, Squid Ink Cacciatore, Onion Confit, Mozzarella, San Marzano and Olives, was one pizza that was more generous with the toppings. There was good balance with the saltiness of the pepperoni, sweetness of the onion and the sharpness of the cheese.


The staff at Sunny’s Pizza were really friendly and attentive. Orders were taken promptly, drinks were constantly refilled, food arrived within 15 minutes of ordering and plates were cleared when we finished. We found a mistake on the bill and that item was removed completely. With the exception of the Vitello Tonnato, we thought the food was fairly average and overpriced, particularly for what you got. When we were there, the music was a bit loud, but we imagine it would be a great place to come for a midnight snack.

WHERE: 17 Solomon St, Adelaide


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