Joy of India – Adelaide – City Cross

Those who have ventured out to the Brickworks Marketplace would already be familiar with Joy of India. With several decades of experience under his belt, Owner and Head Chef, Sam Semwal overlooks the running of both businesses. The City Cross location is more centralised with a cut down menu, and it gives customers a taste of what to expect at their restaurant.


Joy of India City Cross is like a home away from home. Customers who crave Indian food have the choice of Indian favourites such as Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, Kashmiri Lamb and Paneer Tikka Masala, only to name a few. Vegetarians are catered for as well with a good selection of dishes made with real spices from India. For those that don’t want something too substantial, they have snacks such as Pakora, Bhaji and Samosa to take away those hunger pains.


We went for our favourite, the Butter Chicken. Made from chicken thigh pieces, the meat was tender and succulent, and cooked to perfection. The sauce was thick and creamy, and all the flavours were well infused into the meat. We’ve had this dish over at the restaurant, and it’s just as good at the city location.


Joy of India City Cross allows people to get a taste of authentic Indian cuisine during all parts of the day at very reasonable prices. Whether you want to sit down and enjoy the freshly made Indian food, or whether you want to get some for take away, Joy of India has you covered.

WHERE: 32 Grenfell St, Adelaide

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