Rundle Mall Christmas 2016 Sneak Peek

Rundle Mall has always been one of the most popular spots in Adelaide, where locals and tourists alike flock to get their shopping fix. But Rundle Mall is so much more than that! In fact, there is a sense of a close-knit community as you walk down the Mall – there are buskers showcasing their talents, there are eateries that offer some fresh and healthy food, there are cafes that invite groups of friends and/or families to sit down and enjoy a nice, hot cup of tea and / or coffee, and there are forms of street art that are scattered across the little lanes branching off from the main Mall precinct. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re always going to stumble upon something new and exciting in the Mall.

What’s even more special about the Mall is that is comes to life during the festive holiday season, and with Christmas around the corner, there are themes of gift-giving, joy-spreading, and peace-imbibing that are popping up all over the place.

The Mall has been renovated temporarily to showcase colors of red and gold, in the form of giant letters, gift packages that offer a seating area to visitors of the Mall, triangle-shaped bunting spanning across the length of the Mall, and there is also the talk of having a Magic Cave, where Father Christmas will be available to spread the cheer and joy among kids and adults alike.

The overarching theme of Rundle Mall this year encompasses what is called “The Festive Forest”. As you walk down Rundle Mall, visitors will be taken to a transformed, enchanted land, where Christmas trees will be planted in 3 stunning locations. Think of it as a playground-meets-maze scenario, where you can go on an adventure and have the sparkle in your eyes from the illuminated lights that the trees will be decorated with.


A mutual partnership with Oxfam (who take pride in delivering real Christmas trees to those living in poverty and bringing happiness during the festive season), the Christmas trees around Rundle Mall will embody red and gold-coloured letter that spell out three magical letters – JOY, PEACE, and MERRY.

The beautiful bunting that has been craftily designed in colors of gold and red will capture the sunlight at different times of the day and add that extra bit of pop and magic to Rundle Mall during the festive season. Put together by a crew of 12 people in 30 hours, make sure you look up and witness the beauty that is located at both entrances of the Mall (Pulteney Street side and King William Street side).


In today’s day and age, we have people who lust after street art and selfies (and a combination of both). We are honored to have world-renowned artist Kelsey Montague’s two festive murals which will be set up in Rundle Mall, so get those phones and cameras recharged, because you will want to capture the gorgeous mural ‘growing’ out of you in the form of wings! Yes, you get to encapsulate the art as being a part of you! If you haven’t got those Christmas cards sorted, then you have the perfect excuse to print these, with a little help from family and friends who can participate with you.


Rundle Mall is also pleased to announce that The Propaganda Club will be making an appearance as a pop-up bar on Fridays (starting November 18), where you can have free cocktail tastings – perfect for knock off drinks to celebrate #FriYAY and the weekend!

Additionally, there will be The Mighty Mighty Christmas Cafe, where you can enjoy having coffee and other delicious treats such as the Christmas Marble Hill Cherry Gelati.

While you’re indulging in these delicious goodies, make sure you check out The Festive Workshop, which will run on weekends, starting November 26 up to December 18. They are hoping to run free Christmas themed workshops from 12pm-3pm, where you can learn how to make cards, wreaths, and Christmas cookies – yum! After all, the best kinds of gifts are those that are DIY, right?

With so much happening to celebrate Christmas, make sure you check out the website and get the full scoop on when what’s on! Christmas just got a whole lot more festive this season!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan


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