Pressed Tin Cafe – Launch Party

Tonight we were invited to the launch of Pressed Tin Café. Located on Grote street just up from Chinatown, this little eatery is the newest addition to the Australian-owned furniture store, Early Settler.


What? Furniture store?

Yeah! Early Settler is a huge store featuring rustic, colonial and country-style furniture with a modern twist. Unsurprisingly, the décor is charming and makes a perfect setting for a quick coffee or high tea and the sizeable area allows lots of space for functions, as well as shopping, of course.


The evening featured a wide range of decorations and delicious food and wine provided by Pressed Tin Cafe, Heidelberg Cakes and De Lisio Wines. There was even a funky dance floor and photobooth, providing hours of entertainment for all of us. It was almost like a real wedding without all the drunk relatives!


This event did not only celebrate the launch of Pressed Tin Café; it also celebrated all the opportunities that come with it. Specialising in (but not exclusively serving) vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food, Pressed Tin Café aims to provide healthy options that actually have a taste. Very nice. The function area also provides space for bridal showers, engagements, high teas and other cute, fancy parties. The also announced the addition of bridal registries, which is pretty handy if you’re at a function and just want to casually pop over to the counter to grab a gift for the bride!

It’s not all brides and parties though. If you haven’t yet found the love of your life, or you simply don’t have anything to celebrate, never fear! The café still offers food every day and reasonably priced high teas for any time of year. Treat yo’ self!

Words by Olivia Henry

WHERE: 215 Grote St, Adelaide


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