Al Italia Food Truck

We’d all agree that pizzas cooked in a wood oven are the best, and to have them come from a food truck is an even better concept. Roaming the streets of Adelaide is the Al Italia Food Truck with a wood oven fitted at the back of the van. All the pizzas are 9 inches in diameter, and at the time of writing, there were 5 pizzas on the menu. Vito, the owner, tells me the flour is imported from Italy and is bought at $40 a kilo. He also tells me that flour used in Australia sells for $8 a kilo.

I ordered the Pizza Positano which has fresh leg ham and seasonal vegetables. As novel as the idea of a wood oven on a food truck sounds, this particular oven cooks pizzas one at a time. This translates to a terribly long waiting time, about 45 minutes to be exact, especially when there are numerous orders before yours.

When the pizza finally arrived, it looked very traditional with a conservative amount of topping. I failed to see where the seasonal vegetables were. The tomato salsa used on the base was very nice, and the mozzarella cheese was thick and gooey. Unlike traditional Italian style pizzas where the base is very thin, this one was thick and fluffy. I thought this was great because it fills you up.


The pizzas at the Al Italia food truck are $14-$15, which is a bit pricey for a 9 inch pizza but remember, they are using the expensive imported flour and they are coming to you. Service was a bit slow on this occasion, but I’m sure they’ve seen better days. The pizza itself was pretty good with a base that is unique.


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