Diner en Blanc 2016 – Preview

The Torrens Bridge was dressed in all white this afternoon as Diner en Blanc launched their 4th years’ involvement in Adelaide with a media pre party.

Diner en Blanc, a white only picnic chic themed dinner party, has had over 70 countries participating worldwide every year. Francois Pasquier, founder of Diner en Blanc, launched the event over 25 years ago in Paris with just a mere bundle of close friends and now constructs of thousands of guests attending globally.



Guests are invited to bring their own picnic equipment and food baskets to take part in this magical night below the stars with a secret location disclosed on the day.

The dinner preview housed an array of beautifully made food including pastas, fresh fish, cheeses, dips , stuffed mushrooms and devouring desserts. Tomich wines, harvested in the scenic Adelaide Hills, offered their sparkling wine and sauvignon blanc as a contribution to their involvement of the actual event which will take part on the 3rd of December this year.

Westfield stylists Lauren and Danielle showcased this seasons’ all white must wear trends with help from a young group of Pride Models. Phase 1 tickets go on sale this Thursday the 27th at 8am with phase 2 and phase 3 ticket sales following shortly after.

Such a captivating and joyous event must be shared with friends and family as Diner en Blanc creates an overwhelming feeling of togetherness. While one might not pair white clothing with food and wine together, I can only urge you to buy a ticket and become part of the blanc movement.

Words and Photos by Jamie Bucirde


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