Oktoberfest in the Gardens 2016 – Event Wrap Up

After success in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, Australia’s biggest Oktoberfest celebration has finally hit the city of Adelaide. So of course, on this perfect sunny day we put on our best dirndls, grabbed our steins and made our way to Wayville Showgrounds for Adelaide’s first Oktoberfest in the Gardens.


There event featured two stages, a silent disco, a range of food trucks and drink stands and roving entertainers. While there was merchandise for purchase, the only thing missing from this event was a German marketplace! The music ranged between polka, rock and DJ-mixed dance beats. The drinks were flowing, and the food was extremely German.


We started off by exploring what the event had to offer and after casually snacking on a foot-long kranski hot dog and claiming our free German beer, we made our way over to the ever-popular silent disco. From there, we danced all night with steins in hand, and I must admit there’s something really cool about dancing to a polka cover of “Africa” by Toto.


The overall atmosphere of Oktoberfest in the Gardens is a little different to a typical music festival you might be accustomed to. The event appeared well organised as the crowds flowed easily; it was wonderful to be able to buy a drink or food without waiting in line for a million hours. As an added bonus, human interaction was surprisingly pleasant for an alcohol-based celebration, with people chanting, cheering and dancing together in a way you might only imagine in an Oktoberfest commercial. With such success Oktoberfest in the Gardens is sure to be back next year. So keep an eye out and get your lederhosen ready for next year!

Words by Olivia Henry

WHERE: Wayville Showgrounds, Goodwood Rd, Wayville


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