Westfield Food and Wine Weekend

The Westfield Food and Wine Weekend commences this week and to celebrate the launch we were invited to a special cooking demonstration at Panacea Restaurant in Westfield Marion Shopping Centre. Panacea’s Sous Chef Benjamin Schulz lead a hands on masterclass teaching the art of making a traditional Paella while guests had the pleasure of sampling some of South Australia’s best wines.


Chef Benjamin really showed off his knowledge and skills in Paella making and the end result was fantastic. Guests were handed aprons and a knife were put to work straight away, chopping the Onion, Tomato and Chorizo. We then watched on as Chef Benjamin seared the beautiful Chorizo along with Prawns and Squid. The aromas which filled the room were amazing. This was then removed from the pan as other ingredients were added along with Saffron infused gluten free rice which was precooked to speed up the cooking process.


Chef Benjamin then returned the Seafood and Chorizo to the pan along with homemade Fish stock. He pushed the mixture down with a spatula, explaining this is the best way to create a crust on the bottom of the rice which any traditional Paella should have. As the Paella simmered the smells were incredible and I could not wait to tuck in. Chef Benjamin finally added a grating of Lemon and Lime to add extra zest to the dish which I feel really made a difference to its final flavour.


So what’s the final verdict on this traditional Paella? It was delicious! If I closed my eyes I could have been devouring this dish in Spain, it was that good. I and many others around the table had to go back for seconds, it was that good! The seafood was perfectly cooked, the whole dish itself was well balanced and seasoned and as stated before I loved the citrus addition which gave the dish a pop of freshness. Guests were given the recipe for this amazing Paella which no doubt will be put to good use along with Chef Benjamin’s handy tips.

Be sure to head over to Westfield’s Food & Wine Weekend on the 8th and 9th of October at West Lakes, Tea Tree Plaza and Marion Shopping Centres. There will be cooking demonstrations such as this and many opportunities to sample some of SA’s best food and wine. It will be a weekend not to be missed!

Words and Photos by Angela Scarfo from All About That Food

WHERE: Westfield West Lakes, Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, Westfield Marion


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