Levant Eatery – Hindley St – House Picks

It’s been around 7 months since Levant Eatery opened its doors and it has gone from strength to strength. The western end of Hindley Street has become a university hub and with the new hospital nearby, this area will only get busier. When we first visited, customers had to customise their orders with 3 easy steps and it was like the Subway of Lebanese street food. Since then, they’ve introduced a breakfast menu and the “house picks”, a selection of pockets and salads that use tried and true ingredient combinations.

The Falafel You is healthiness on a plate. The salad is loaded with quinoa and fresh crispy vegetables, and further complemented by the falafel and bread. The combination of the muhumara and the chick sauces add to the colour of the salad as well as the depth.


The Streets is a white pocket with marinated chicken, fries, garden salad, tomato and onion. The chicken is tender and succulent, and full of flavour. The vegetables are fresh and crisp, and are complemented by the crunchiness of the thin potato fries. It comes with two delicious sauces, the levant and street. This is the Lebanese version of the traditiona Greek yiros.


The AB is an Adelaide thing and it’s interesting to see the different interpretations. At Levant Eatery, they use a combination of beef and chicken, two of their signature sauces and cheese. The result is incredibly delicious and addictive! Their meats are juicy and succulent, and are perfect with their sauces. The fries are crunchy and are stuck together by a layer of gooey cheese. All the elements complement each other well and it’s the perfect dish for a hangover.


Levant Eatery continues to serve up well priced and delicious Lebanese street food to nearby workers and students. During the lunch time rush, it’s almost impossible to get a seat. Like all good eateries, the menu is constantly evolving. The introduction of the “house picks” menu is great for the indecisive and will make the whole selection process a lot easier. Combine this with fast friendly service and a casual relaxed atmosphere, and this place becomes to the “go to” spot for breakfast or lunch.

WHERE: 252 Hindley St, Adelaide


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