Charcoal Pit Findon – New Menu Items

With the cold wet wintry weather we’re currently experiencing, there’s nothing like a bit of comfort food to soothe the soul. The thought of marinated meats cooked over charcoal really takes our fancy, so we decide to pay Charcoal Pit Findon another visit. Nearly 6 months on from opening, their business is doing well and we find out they are one of the few businesses with a power generator during yesterday’s blackout. They had a few items which they’re introducing to the menu that they wanted us to try.

First up was the Pork Burger which uses freshly sliced meat from the rotisserie. The generous morsels of pork was cooked to perfection. The meat was smooth and buttery, and the skin had the right amount of crunch. As we all know, pork matches really well with something sweet, and the addition of caramelised onion and barbecue sauce really do the trick. The burger is absolutely addictive and each bite will take you to heaven and back.


Next was the Greek Nachos. It’s a combination of Greek Salad and yiros meat sitting on top of fried pita bread. The salad was light and refreshing with cubes of feta and pipped olives balancing things out. The medley of meats cooked over the charcoal were juicy and succulent, and the thick garlic sauce prevented the dish from being too dry. The fried pita bread was nice and crunchy, and added good contrast to the dish.


For dessert, we had the Melamakarona, biscuits made from honey and walnut. The biscuit was soft, moist and flavoursome with its richness coming from the honey syrup and fragrant butter. There is a hint of cinnamon with each bite and the chopped walnuts that cover it add to the crunchiness of the treat. A sweet that is commonly eaten during Greek Christmas, it’s something you could easily have all year round.


Charcoal Pit Findon is one of our favourite takeaway stores in Adelaide. The food is consistently great, the customer service is fantastic and you always leave satisfied. The new items that they’ll be introducing certainly get our thumbs up and we can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future.

WHERE: Shop 14, 303 Grange Rd, Findon


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