Beach Bum Hawaiian Kiosk

If you look at anything referred to as “Hawaiian” on a food menu, it usually has pineapple in it. Other than that, not much is really known about Hawaiian food. The opening of the Beach Bum Hawaiian Kiosk in North Adelaide brought with it great interest because it is something totally different. As you walk into the kiosk, you’re greeted by two large food trucks which are permanent fixtures, one being a bar and the other, a takeaway counter. Surrounding the bar is a combination of marine artwork, exposed brick walls, and timber frames which also make up the furnishings. A common theme seems to run throughout the food menu; it’s Japanese inspired (Japanese people made up 43% of the Hawaiian population in 1920), it contains tropical fruit or it has seafood.

We started off with the Tropical Duck, a dish that would be best described as a deconstructed sushi roll. The duck was well seasoned and applied as shredded pieces. There was a lot of sweetness coming from the basil, paw paw and candied ginger which was balanced by the sharp taste of the chives. Shards of nori were present at the base of the dish to remind you it was a sushi. This was all brought together by the tamarind dressing which had a mixture of sweet and sourness. Overall, a very tasty and refreshing dish.


The Teriyaki Chicken was the first of the larger plates and was served with a green and potato salad. The chicken thigh pieces were tender and succulent, had lovely chargrilled flavours. The crispy chicken skin was a highlight with the addition of sesame seeds adding further depth. The green salad was fresh and crisp, and the potato salad was smooth and creamy. The pool of teriyaki sauce at the base of the bowl brought all of the elements together.


We also had the Lamb Bam Thanks Ma’am; a slow cooked lamb shoulder with taro in soy stock, roasted pear, green chilli and basil. The lamb was tender and succulent, and the meat simply fell apart. It was soaked in the soy stock which had a subtle sweetness that was complemented by the roasted pear. The green chilli added a bit of excitement as did the peppery flavour from the basil. It was a delicious and satisfying dish.


The staff were warm and welcoming, and the service was fast and efficient. The food was delicious, light and refreshing, and different to what you would normally have. The average price of the starters is around $10, while the larger plates are around $19. At Beach Bum, there is currently only a seating capacity of 50, but don’t worry, the dining experience is fast-casual, and we were surprised we were out of there within an hour.

For something different and delicious, check out Beach Bum!

WHERE: 47 O’Connell St, North Adelaide

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