The Little Red Door – Media Launch

“Come and see what’s happening… behind the Little Red Door”.

This has been the tag line that newly-opened bar The Little Red Door has been teasing us with, on their social media accounts, for the past two weeks. And oh boy, did they deliver on opening night during the launch party just this Thursday gone.

Finding home in everyone’s beloved spot for Supermild, The Little Red Door has done well in renovating the look of the bar and the outside seating area round the back.

Situated in the basement, the steps lead down to a lavish, stylish, and sleek looking bar space, where guys and girls are dressed up in gorgeous and sexy clothes, bringing through a Honey Birdette-esque vibe.


While most people tend to avoid Hindley Street for its infamous reputation of being ‘messy’ and ‘dingy’, there are some gems that are hidden within – and that includes The Little Red Door. They do shots, they do signature drinks, they do Espresso Martinis – and let’s be honest, you can’t really go wrong when Espresso Martinis are involved! Generally speaking, their drinks look enticing and have a combination of interesting yet complementary flavours that are sure to give you the buzz you crave.


It was sad for me (personally) to say goodbye to Supermild, but I’m happy to see a fresh, new, cheeky bar take its place and have a spin at the interior décor. It’s been great to get a fun, party vibe happening.

The outdoor area is spacious and brilliant for sharing a couple of brews with the lads and ladies, if you’re after a relatively quiet night. If you’re more into shaking your booty, then the dance floor by the bar is a great spot to get movin’!

This space may look small, but it can house a decent number of town-goers. Next time you find yourself stumbling for a new place to check out on your night out, make your way to The Little Red Door and prepare yourself for an eventful time with friends and strangers alike.

Special thanks to Eventalaide for organizing the event and inviting us to the launch of The Little Red Door. And special thanks to The Little Red Door for hosting us, pampering us with some intoxicatingly delicious drinks, and putting on an incredible show!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 182B Hindley St, Adelaide



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